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Justin Babbles Incoherently

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Almost to my embarrassment, I find I am becoming a fan of the NY Post’s Page Six gossip section, and in particular Richard Johnson (we’ll call him the “Little Unit” in honor of Randy Johnson’s fifth Cy Young Award).

Today he has a classic, Justin Timberlake being interviewed by a HX mag about his feelings toward his gay fans:

    “Um . . . honestly I’ve never really, uh, I’ve never really . . . something that I’ve thought a lot about . . . Something that I will say, you know, about the whole community is . . . that I appreciate is that . . . and the people that I’ve met that are, I mean, it’s so nondiscriminating where music goes that it’s . . . it’s all . . .”

    …”I don’t know, for some reason I find it in this community more than one another is that . . . you know, um . . . honestly, I don’t know. I think, uh . . . I never really thought about it. I hope that, uh, all types of different people, they like it, I mean, ’cause uh . . . it’s kinda somewhere in the middle of . . . of . . . of the styles that are going on right now . . . I don’t want to come off sounding pretentious.”

No one can accuse him of being glib on the matter. He handled it better than Marky Mark.

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