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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro November 26, 2011

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Justice with Judge Jeanine was about politics and an old celebrity death. None of the topics inspired me to write this week. But then I noticed something. They have a rotating banner displaying the guest name, topic and Twitter information. I don’t know if this is how it’s always done and I only noticed because the topics didn’t interest me, or if it’s something new. Twitter is where I got to know Judge Jeanine. I followed her on Twitter from the time she first joined.

It may be hard to believe that real discussions and relationships can come from a 140 character limit, but it happens. Thanks to Twitter, I learned about Judge Jeanine’s love of animals. A huge thing, considering I’ve devoted my adult life to animal rescue. I’ve also had disagreements with her on Twitter regarding authenticity of tweets. Even with a limited number of words we were able to work it out.

I learned a lot about Judge Jeanine from Twitter and she made a big impression on me. Read my article A Pioneer of Justice to learn more about the impact she’s had on my life. After reading that article she tweeted something really nice to me. She said we connected for a reason and we can be each others strength. I had put myself out there with that article, so I truly appreciated her supportive response.

Advertising Twitter on her show worked, she has thousands of followers now. There are a handful of us that have been with her from the start, she calls us her “posse”. Like a true posse we are there to support and defend. I just hope we don’t get lost in all the new people.

So, as Justice with Judge Jeanine continues to grow an audience on television, her Internet audience grows too. Besides Twitter you can find her on Facebook. You can also email her at Justice@foxnews.com. Justice with Judge Jeanine is on Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST on Fox News Channel.

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I'm devoted to animal rescue. I also work in internet public relations for TV personalities. In my spare time I like to sit on the sofa on my front lawn and watch the grass grow.
  • JILL T.

    I have noticed the twitter scroll before! I have mixed emotions about twitter! Not enough time to say all my thoughts! I basically try and keep positive/happy ones and plus keep reality in check!
    I have always thought it was amazing Judge Pirro would answer back! So many celebrities don’t take the time! I find it very endearing the Judge has and does!
    Even if Judge pirro gets to busy or has so many followers we get lost in the weeds! She will always be my hero!

  • Paul Delande

    I never watch you since you always play ‘judge-juror and hangman’, a total disgrace.Tonight was important because of the presidential candidates,
    sorry…you are a partisan BITCH
    FOX should have trown you out long ago.
    PS: BITCH is as mildy as possible, you deserve much much worse.