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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro November 19, 2011

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Judge Jeanine brought a panel of experts on to discuss the Santana Gaona case. Santana is an illegal immigrant with a history of violence against his wife. He was arrested after his wife went to the hospital and said he had raped her. While in custody he was determined to be an illegal immigrant and scheduled for deportation. But when the charges were dropped he was released and the deportation process stopped. Regardless of the dropped charges, protocol requires he still be deported.

On the panel was Avi Selk, a reporter for the Dallas Morning News. Michael Wildes, an immigration attorney, and retired LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman. Selk made calls to find out why Santana was released and he was told it was a sensitive law enforcement matter. Wildes said this kind of thing happens with confidential informants. They use criminals to catch even bigger criminals. Judge Jeanine said that Santana should have been deported, his criminal history made him dangerous. Fuhrman said that law enforcement benefits from informants and the majority of them do have a violent history. But they benefits outweigh the risks.

Just weeks after his release Santana killed a man at a birthday party. Apparently the government thought the information Santana could provide was more important than the risk of violence toward innocent citizens. Judge Jeanine said there needs to be balance when using an informant. A man with a history of extreme violence doesn’t stop.

Judge Jeanine said she doesn’t agree with the decision to keep Santana here. She feels he should have been deported after the rape; the risk of violence outweighs any amount of information he could provide. True to form, she took the side of the victims; I like when she speaks up for what she thinks is right. I’ve read some people said shes yells and is too hard on guests. I haven’t seen it. I see a woman sticking by what is right and not allowing guests to silence her. I would be so disappointed if she ever changed.

I agree with Judge Jeanine, Santana should have been deported. No amount of information is more valuable than a mans life. I think the law enforcement agency who kept him here should be held liable for the murder. They allowed a man who already gave his wife a life sentence–rape lives with you forever, an opportunity to give another man a death sentence.

Justice with Judge Jeanine is on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter, or email her.

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  • ricksmiff

    this “war on drugs” is going to destroy this country; the police are having a ball cirumventing citizens rights in the name of drug interdiction.Awhile ago I was in Russia and was shocked to find out they dont kick in doors and molest people in public like cops do here.This guy was considered valuable due to his drug information,his violent tendencies be damned!

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Jill 🙂

  • JILL T.

    Great article Ruthie! Keeping them coming!
    I love Justice and the Judge for digging deeper in todays top stories!

  • R.Kimble

    I heard her on Hannity’s radio show last week. She seems like a bit of a kook. By the way, I like how every entry in this series is titled differently.