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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro, March 31, 2012

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Justice with Judge Jeanine had an amazing show this week. Judge Jeanine’s summation on Trayvon Martin was simply perfection — at least what they allowed me to hear. They cut to commercial before she was finished. Whoever made the decision to cut away should be fired. The summation is my favorite part of the show. It’s the time Judge Jeanine speaks passionately about a topic that is often controversial. Her words are so poignant that the viewer is captivated and experiences a genuine emotional response.

I was so happy when I read the teaser that a summation was coming up. I was engrossed as she went through the list of facts in the case and pondered what will happen. I was offended by the abrupt ending. A live show should be allowed to finish. They always end with a few minutes left to the hour. Why can’t programmers allow for some leeway? We tune in for the show not the commercials. They may need the ads for money but they need the audience or they have nothing.

I think the viewer was cheated this week. It’s been a while since we were given a summation and when we finally get it back she’s abruptly cut off. That’s like forfeiting the game when you have the bases loaded. Judge Jeanine’s final words are always a home run. As a viewer, I’d rather hear Judge Jeanine’s summation than anything a guest has to say. So I hope in the future they are respectful of their host and viewers and allow her to finish her thoughts. In the meantime, I hope they put it online.

You can watch Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday nights at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel. FNC on your remote guide. You can also follow her at Facebook and Twitter. You may also email her at Justice@FoxNews.Com.

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  • Sounds like Fox News got a little uppity about that episode. No surprise, really.

  • They owe more to advertisers than they do to viewers. It’s how the business works

  • JILL T.

    I would have loved to have heard the rest of the summation! All In ALL! Great Show! Love JJP! She should be on every night! : )

  • Patricia C White

    I also would like to hear her full summation. This is not the first time that the Judge was cut off.
    It was a excellence show as usual with her guests.