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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro March 24, 2012

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Justice with Judge Jeanine covered the murder of Trayvon Martin. Self-proclaimed neighborhood watch George Zimmmerman fatally shot Trayvon while he was walking home from the store. The killer is claiming self-defense under the stand your ground law. This new law allows you to stay and fight. However, current evidence is showing Zimmerman was chasing down Trayvon, so there is a lot of anger over what many are calling a murder.

Judge Jeanine had a copy of the original police report written by the first officer on the scene. He had written homicide on the report but no arrest was made. There is a debate over whether the stand your ground law applies to this case. A grand jury is investigating and is expected to rule soon.

Part of the evidence in this case is a 911 dispatcher telling Zimmerman to wait for police. Zimmerman tells the dispatcher the Trayvon is wearing a hoodie and is acting like he’s on drugs or something. Moments later Zimmerman kills the teenager. Trayvon was carrying a bag containing an ice tea and a bag of skittles. The victim’s girlfriend said he called her concerned he was being followed. Witnesses say there was a scuffle before the fatal shooting. I think Zimmerman should be charged with murder.

I applaud Judge Jeanine for speaking out for Trayvon. People have been blaming the fact Trayvon was wearing a hoodie for being mistaken for a criminal. Judge Jeanine said, a hoodie doesn’t contribute to victimization any more than short skirt contributes to rape.

You can watch Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday nights at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel (FNC on your remote guide). You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter. You may also email her at Justice@FoxNews.Com

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  • Sabina Karsan

    Ruthie your article makes sense and this is a such a sad case I will keep reading more of your artlicles they keep me intrested

  • JILL T.

    I fully agree with your article!
    It’s sad that a piece of clothing can determine – how we feel about a person.
    Martin probably had a swagger on -becasue he was talking to his girlfriend!
    Such a terible case!
    Seems to me that Zimmerman had a agenda this night. No matter the person Black or white,short,tall,old or young-someone was going down! So Sad!
    God Bless Martin’s Family and Friends!