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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro March 10, 2012

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Justice with Judge Jeanine put a spotlight on injured marine Megan Leavey. Megan spent two tours in Iraq with her partner Sgt. Rex. Rex is a German shepherd trained to sniff out bombs. They completed over a hundred missions together searching for improvised explosive devices aka IEDs.

Their partnership ended when they were both seriously injured by one of the bombs. The pair were sent back to the states for treatment. Once they recovered, Megan went home but Rex was sent back to work at Camp Pendleton. Now that Rex has been retired Megan would like to adopt him. Bureaucratic red tape is delaying the process. Time is a factor because Rex could be put to sleep before the adoption can take place. Judge Jeanine asked her viewers to send an email requesting the military speed up the process of reuniting Megan and Rex.

I don’t understand the delays in something as simple as a dog adoption. While people drag their feet the dog is sitting in a kennel alone. However, that’s not much different than what often happens to our human veterans. Once their job is done, they are no longer a priority to most of our society.

I applaud the show for bringing this to our attention. I know Judge Jeanine is a animal lover and has fought for animals when she was a district attorney in New York. It’s great to see her passion remains and she will still use whatever platform she has to speak out for animals.

Readers please take a moment and send an email to publicaf@lackland.af.mil and ask them to please make the reunion between these two war hero’s a priority.

You can watch Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday nights at 9pm on Fox News Channel (FNC on your remote guide) You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook. You may email her at Justice@FoxNews.Com

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  • Shelley Payson

    After watching Justice with Judge Jeanine, I am writing on behalf of Megan Leavey and her dog Rex. Please reunite these 2 quickly. After serving in the military this is the least you can to for these American Heros. God bless both of them!

  • Diane Melbye

    I am writing in response to the show on Justice with Judge Jeanine about Megan and Rex. It seems like a small request to reunite them quickly when both military heros were willing to give their lives for our country. Thank God we have heros like them fighting for our freedom.

  • Patricia C White

    March 13,2013

    I am writing hoping all of Judge Jeanine fans write to get Sgt.Rex home to Megan. She deserve to have this dog. Two tours of of duty
    with Rex. They both every day protect us from mines and the enemies. You fall in love with them. Let get Rex home to Megan. Remember once a Marine always a Marine. I know my brother-in -law was one. Pat

  • O. R. Satterfield

    If you destroy Rex you will destroy Megan.
    Megan should have Rex the reat of his life.

  • Ruthie

    They had a meeting about Rex’s status today. I was told that the meeting didn’t include discussion of Megan. No word yet on what was decided.

  • Ninon de Vere De Rosa

    My thought on the Caylee Anthony case is a little different to most people out there. Why was there no DNA done on anyone, and why did Casey’s parents always say the car smelt like a decomposed body, how do they know what a decomposed body smells like, it looked like a frame up to me? I think George Anthony has a lot more to do with what happened than meets the eye. Casey covered up for her father big time, and who was the father of Caylee Anthony? Or are we just going to let it go unnoticed… Let’s start checking out George Anthony, I would love to do that… Walking around with his bible as a cover up, as we say in the movie business, that was his prop to keep his mind occupied, a distraction as we call it. To me the case is not closed.

  • Jimi

    Watching your show and your attacks on Obama is absurd. The President took full responsibility for the Bengazi attacks. So as a Republican Miss Jeannine. Can you ask Bush if he took full responsibility for 911?

  • Richards Lyon MD

    Dear Judge,Somehow the truth must out, for there is no doubt tragedy has occurred while the Oval Office “dithers.” That is not a surprise for it has been so for three years, as Barak remains a narcissus, always turned inward, and empathy-less to the point that only his original “handlers” hold sway. He listens to know one. As with any spoiled child, he “dithers” and hopes for the best. Chris Stevens is another Nathan Hale if his life results in a new President, mature and caring, as a new beginning.

  • Bob Nelson

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