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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro January 14, 2012

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Justice with Judge Jeanine is doing the usual Fox News  campaign coverage, but is thankfully mixing in some stories worthy of the show’s name. Judge Jeanine was outraged by the pardons of exiting Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour. He pardoned more than 200 felons before leaving office, many of them domestic violence offenders. One man killed his wife by shooting her in the head while she held their child.

Judge Jeanine started one of the very first domestic violence task forces in the country while she was District Attorney in Westchester County, New York. She knows the risks involved in letting these felons free. Barbour defends his actions saying it was based in the Christian belief of forgiveness. That really troubles me; I think only God can offer forgiveness for cold blooded murder.

I don’t think one person should have the power to release murderers. Governors should have a panel of people that approves each pardon. A psychiatrist, a retired district attorney, retired criminal attorney, medical doctor and one person chosen at random from a jury pool. There is too much at stake for one person to sign off on a criminal, its not fair to their victims.

They say the majority of pardoned criminals were already out on probation, as if that’s suppose to make it better. There are victims who have gone into hiding out of fear for their lives from those getting out of prison soon, due to the pardons. If anyone is killed by those pardoned by Gov. Barbour, I hope he and the state will be held responsible.

These pardons are being appealed, I hope this horrifying act by the Governor can be overturned. I understand pardons for those who were with the wrong people at the wrong time and went down with them. But to release those who actually killed another person is sick and slaps the jury system in the face.

There needs to be changes made in how governors can pardon criminals. If they aren’t going to make it a panel decision then they should limit the kind of crimes that can be pardoned. Cold blooded killers should never have another chance at life since they’ve already stolen the life of another.

You can watch Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday’s at 9 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel (FNC on your remote guide). You can also follow Judge Jeanine on Twitter and Facebook; you can also email her at Justice@FoxNews.com.

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  • Patricia C White

    I though you wrote a great story about Gov.Haley Barbour pardon all those prisoners. He didn’t do them all at once,but four or the five that work at the mansion should not get pardons. They were murders and never should be release from jail.I also believe they should have a board of people before release them. You have a good teacher. I miss Judge Jeanine Journal. Good job. Patricia C White