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Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro, April 21, 2012

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I’m back sooner than I thought I would be — for this week, at least. Justice with Judge Jeanine was outstanding and for the first time in a long time, didn’t mention the Presidential hopeful who broke the animal cruelty law of his state.

A couple of things blew me away last night. Trayvon Martin’s attorney was on discussing how the family felt about Zimmerman finally being arrested. What I find most interesting is how divided people are on Zimmerman’s guilt. I just don’t understand how Zimmerman can have any kind of self-defense claim or stand your ground defense. He was told not to pursue Trayvon by the 911 operator but did so anyway. Moments later a teenager is dead. It’s dark and a grown man is following a teen so if a fight broke out wouldn’t it be Trayvon who stood his ground? I’m confused.

Judge Jeanine also spoke with the owner of a website that has been used for sex trafficking. When confronted about making millions of dollars off the torture of women and children, the owner said they’ve been using the financial records of the offenders to have them arrested. When asked how many they have helped prosecute the owner didn’t have a direct answer.

It was a thing of beauty to witness on live TV; Judge Jeanine taking on the greedy owner of the website was like watching Wonder Woman appear sans the superhero outfit. As the owner struggled near tears to defend herself, the Judge shut her down! The whole scene gave me a sense of happiness and healing.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is better than Wonder Woman, for she’s real. She’s devoted her life to speaking for and defending victims. We all got to witness her defeat the bad guys last night. The only thing that would have made it any better would have been to be in the room with her.

Justice with Judge Jeanine is on Saturday nights 9pm ET on Fox News Channel (FNC on your remote guide). You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. You may also email her at Justice@FoxNews.com.

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I'm devoted to animal rescue. I also work in internet public relations for TV personalities. In my spare time I like to sit on the sofa on my front lawn and watch the grass grow.
  • Danny Eller

    “Stand Your Ground” would not apply to either Zimmerman or Martin in any of the scenarios. If Martin confronted Zimmerman for following him and then attacked him as you stated it would not apply as you can’t pursue. If as the evidence currently known shows Zimmerman was pinned to the ground with Martin beating him Stand Your Ground still would not apply since Zimmerman had no option to retreat. The standard Florida Self Defense Laws would apply.

  • Danny Eller

    Judge Jeanne’s facts just don’t add up on the Trayvon Martin case. Her summation appears more to be pandering to the race baiters than to facts.

    Here are the facts as are currently known.

    FACT: There is no RULE or LAW in the State of Florida that prevents a person with a concealed weapon permit from carrying a firearm to protect himself at anytime even while reporting suspicious activity as a member of a community watch in his troubled neighborhood.

    FACT: Zimmerman WAS doing the responsible thing by (WHILE ON THE PHONE TO THE POLICE) keeping “eyes on” an unknown person acting suspicious such as walking aimlessly about in the rain on the coldest night of the year for the area.

    FACT: When told by a Sheriff’s representative that they didn’t need him to follow (keeping eyes-on) the suspicious person Zimmerman said OK and was returning to his vehicle. Zimmerman’s statement is consistent with both the location of the attack and the location of his vehicle.

    FACT: While on the phone with Martin it has been reported that Martin’s girl friend stated that Martin said, “Hey, why are you following me”. And Zimmerman stating “what are you doing here?” then hearing someone being pushed. That statement by Martin’s reported girlfriend is consistent with Zimmerman’s statement to the police that he was on his way back to his vehicle when Martin confronted him and punched him in the nose as he was trying to use his cell phone to re-call police.

    FACT: The only two EYE WITNESSES have publically stated that it was Martin that was on top of Zimmerman beating him while Zimmerman was screaming for help.

    FACT: Police have stated and both the video and a recently released picture are consistent with both Zimmerman’s injuries and the two EYE WITNESS statements. Police can be seen looking at the injuries on the back of Zimmerman’s head when he got out of the police car and the injuries can be seen on the “original color” video released by the police.

    FACT: At 17 years old Martin was NOT the 12 year old repeatedly shown on the news. He was a full grown adult at 6’2” who had recently been kicked out of school for having burglar tools and jewelry that he could not explain having.

    FACT: Stand your ground will not apply to this case under either scenario of as the race baiters have said and you implied… a want-a-be cop that chased down an innocent child a shot him in cold blood… or as the evidence as it is currently known shows a concerned citizen reporting to police an unknown person acting suspicious who was later viciously attacked by that full grown 6’2” man knocking him to the ground and bashing his head into the ground causing visible bloody injuries and after screaming for help and receiving none finally shoots his attacker ONCE and then asks others to call police while he waits at the scene. Under the former you cannot chase down someone and then claim your rights under “Stand Your Ground”. Under that later “Stand Your Ground” still does not apply because he was pinned down by his attacker and could not retreat even if he wanted to. The standard self defense statutes will apply.

    I have enjoyed the Judge’s show many times in the past but her obvious pandering to the race baiters, anti-gun and anti-self defense zealots on this case has been far more than just a disappointment.

  • Danny Eller

    Can you please state the law “of his State” that Governor Romney broke??? Hint, There isn’t one. As long as the animal carrier is firmly attached to the vehicle and the animal is provided food and water on a regular bases then no animal cruelty exists. If as you stated is so then dogs can’t ride inthe back of pick-up or even on the trailers that hunters and even animal control officers use to transport dogs are guilty of animal cruelty. Just like the Martin issue I think you make up a lot of these rules to fit a certain narrative.

  • lou1011

    Nothing’s changed here A Black thug assaulted a guy on the streets, who defended himself.One less Black thug in this world..thank you Zimmerman!

  • Ruthie

    Here ya go Danny: Take note of the part “or causes it to be carried upon a vehicle

    It’s a real law… he’s been confronted about it and just laughs and said the dog liked it.

    Yes Romney broke a REAL animal cruelty law!

  • F. Melton

    Wow “one less black thug” huh? You sound IGNORANT and AFRAID.. Are you AFRAID to live in your “own country”?(that was stolen) if not, you are simply a coward. IF THATS HOW YOU FEEL, don’t thank Zimmerman, kill one yourself you COWARD!!!!!! But you won’t, because your simply a coward on a winning team….

  • F. Melton

    I mistakenly assumed this country was more civilized than it actually is… The Internet has a way of bringing out the true feelings of cowards.. It would be quite an ironic atrocity to see another entity enslave Americans, and do away with all of their prominent social statusus… but I wouldn’t have people “crawl” just to teach them a lesson. I know, I know, thats so “un-American”…

  • Danny Eller

    Ruthie Augustein, You haven’t been around farms much have you Ruthie. animals are transported in crates in all sorts of manner. As long as the crates are secured properly they are often stacked far higher on both trucks and trailers than any dog carrier on top of a car. It goes back to being your “”opinion” as to whether or not the act was “in an unnecessary cruel or inhuman manner”.

  • Danny Eller

    Ruthie, What I see here is a person that blogs and went on disinformation rather than the evidence as it is currently known. I saw the slanted stories as you did but rather than take them as fact I did some research because the initial “narrative” stated that the 5’6″ 250lb Mortgage Analyst Zimmerman “””Chased down””” a young 12 year old looking 17 year old High School running back. Now to me that CERTAINLY seemed fishy an with just a little research it was obvious that the Race Baiters had latched onto this case and with most of the media including Fox spread the erroneous “”narrative”” so as to discredit Florida’s Self Defense Laws. Judge Jeanne joined in to make a personal tragedy for BOTH Martin’s and Zimmerman’s families into a national horror for purely POLITICAL REASONS.

    The results of such obvious bias such as what Judge Jeanne displayed on this issue has cause numerous young black men to THROW THEIR LIVES AWAY by going out and attacking innocent whites to near death and then proclaiming the crime to be in revenge for Trayvon. All because of a FALSE NARRATIVE.

    “Man Beaten By Mob, In Critical Condition” in Mobile, AL
    “Two Black Teens arrested in brutal hammer beating of White Man in Seminole County, Florida”
    Man Says He Was Savagely Beaten in Trayvon Martin Revenge Attack

  • You said she made the bad guy cry, but made no mention of the website coming down. If the activity is still going on, your Wonder Woman (sans italics) didn’t accomplish much

  • Danny Eller

    F. Melton, I can see past your hate for Americans and know that it is really just and expression of frustrated envy.

    I can understand that… But don’t worry… If you are ever in trouble by either invasion or disaster that big C17 Jet or Helicopter dropping either Troops or Food and usually both will still say “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!