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Justice with Judge Jeanine – March 17, 2012

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Justice with Judge Jeanine followed up on last week’s story about Sgt Rex. Rex is a German shepherd trained to sniff out bombs for the military. He is being retired this year and his former human partner wants to adopt him. Viewers were asked to email the military to show support for the adoption/reunion of these two military heroes. It worked! The adoption is expected to go through soon with a formal announcement from the military.

Military dogs are trained service dogs and haven’t had the experience of being a pet. These dogs are aggressive and hard working so they need time to transition into the life of a pet. Rex will be eleven years old next month. He was the longest working dog for the military because he was so good at his job. Official word about the adoption is expected soon.

I emailed and called last week to show my support. I got a little nervous when the officer who answered the phone told me they were in a meeting about Rex at that very moment. He also said that the meeting was about the status of Rex and not about Megan who wishes to adopt him. Megan was no longer military so she wasn’t part of the discussion. That had me confused but I ‘m glad it all worked out. I’d like to offer my thanks to Judge Jeanine for bringing this story to our attention.

In other news, I’d like to applaud the new set for Justice with Judge Jeanine. However, the view behind the judge makes me a little nervous. I couldn’t sit with my back to a window. My favorite addition is the J next to the desk. It adds a splash of fun to the often-serious nature of the show.

Justice with Judge Jeanine is on Saturday nights at 9pm on Fox News Channel (FNC on your remote guide). You can follow Judge Jeanine on Facebook and Twitter. You may email her at Justice@FoxNews.Com.

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  • JILL T.

    So Happy for Rex and Megan! Certain they will be happy together!
    Love the set!Love the J cube standing for JUSTICE! Although! With the Judge they didn’t need really in anymore Zippy do Da! She had plenty of spunk!great Article Ruthie!

  • Patricia C White

    I bet Megan is so please for all of us that wrote and called the the Air Force base and the Marine base. Many thanks to Judge Jeanine and Ruthie for all the work with phone calls.Great article Ruthie,keep writing ur verdicts. Pat