Just say no to sex?

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Did you know that each human parent passes along 24 chromosomes to the offspring? Incorrect you say? The correct answer is 23? Don’t go to the head of the abstinence-only class because 24 is the answer given in one curriculum. This is the type of “science” taught in these curricula which receive millions of dollars in federal funding to promote abstinence-only as a means of birth control. Another curriculum states touching another person’s genitals “can result in pregnancy.”

You may have heard of the study done for Representative Henry Waxman of California regarding abstinence-only programs taught in 25 states. You might like to take a look at this document. Waxman report It’s short, only 22 pages long, but is very revealing. See for yourself what your tax dollars are going for. Ignorance, junk science, outright false information, and faith-based moral judgements are what we are getting. Such programs also produce poor results.

Pro-life advocates plead for an end to abortion. What country has the lowest abortion rate in the world? The Netherlands. What country has one of the most comprehensive sex-education curricula and contraceptive distribution systems in the world? The Netherlands.

Low youth birthrates, low abortion rates, reductions in STDs are not achieved by teaching ignorance or telling children to “just say no.” Knowledge is power, knowledge is life. The ill-informed and mis-informed are playing nothing but a kind of sexual roulette.

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  • bhw

    It’s obviously the abstinence-only nutjobs whose parents donate the extra chromosome. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?