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I wrote this the day Cindy Sheehan left Crawford to attend to her mother.

Whether Michelle Malkin grew a heart or just got distracted by other news and – now – trying to out-do others in reporting on Katrina… that I don’t know.
Either way, I’m just glad the ugly personal attacks have stopped for at least a little while.

Dear Michelle Malkin:

I think I know your type. You’re a cold, heartless pundit more interested in scoring points for the Republican "team" than on doing anything right, ethical. Hell, as pointed out here, you’re not even consistent with your arguments.

Right about now, you’re getting the news that Cindy Sheehan, a woman who you went after viciously without an apparent care for integrity or compassion, is leaving Crawford, Texas, to go to the side of her mom. Her mom has had a stroke.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, "I sure got lots of people riled up and plenty of attention and page hits when I posted her divorce records."

As if that has anything to do with the war and Sheehan’s loss, as if how her family gets along has anything to do with the pain this woman has gone through.

You’re probably thinking right now – or asking someone at Fox to think for you – about how you can use the stroke to your benefit. Perhaps you’ll suggest Sheehan’s actions caused the stroke.

Along with Fox and others you’ve run a nasty smeart campaign on this woman. Please, if you have any heart left, leave her some peace now.

Here, I’ll even give you a story you can go after instead, using your popularity and two minutes left in the limelight to fight for a good that is good – better armor for the troops.

What better way to truly show that you support the troops than to help ensure that they don’t get killed?



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  • cam

    You said we should not assume that her son supported the war and that his mother knows the truth. The truth is that Cindy’s husband has said that his son supported the war and that he could not believe that his wife would do such a thing. She is a puppet.

  • I can almost picture Michelle Malkin drooling in excitement as she writes about the latest bruhaha about Cindy Sheehan, this time involving the NYPD taking away her microphone.

    I had hoped she and other bloggers were through trashing Sheehan any chance they got per my request here and at my blog – but that was probably foolish thinking.

    Details here

  • DO I?

  • Wow. My first flame in here. I’ve been told the first is always a special memorable one so how about a hug?

    Ok, maybe not.

    So let me see if I have this straight: It’s ok for people like Michelle Malkin or you,
    that have never met Casey Sheehan, to assume that he was for the war just because he was
    in the military? But it’s not ok for someone who knew him better, like, say, his mother,
    to question the quicksand-like foundation on which this war is based?

    Do I have that right?

  • cam

    It amazes me every time when I see just how ignorant democrats like you can be. You talk about using someones death for benefit and call it a bad thing. Well I guess you would have to agree that Mrs. Sheehan is equally “cold and heartless”. Conservatives have enough class not to use someones death for a personal crusade against the government especially when the person who died had volunteered to fight for his country. If I went and died for my country I would turn in my grave if my mother said that I died for nothing. Our soldiers are over there to help democracy plant its seeds, not to mention building schools, water treatment facilities, and power plants. We should be proud of the young men and women in the Armed Forces and respect their decision to enlist.
    P.S. The husband made a good decision.