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Just In Time For Xmas – Nirvana Box Set Details Announced

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from Blabbermouth.net

NME.com is reporting that the long-awaited NIRVANA box set, “With the Lights Out”, will feature 68 previously unreleased recordings.

Released on November 23 (one day earlier internationally), the four-disc set will feature 81 tracks including 68 previously unreleased recordings — rehearsals, outtakes, late NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain’s home demos, as well as a DVD which is confirmed to have unreleased band home movies, live footage, rehearsal footage and 20 full-length video performances. A 60-page booklet will accompany the release.

The title is a reference to a lyric in “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

A source told NME.com: “I’ve seen some of the footage and it’s amazing stuff. There’s a video of them performing at a friend’s party with Kurt reading lyrics off a sheet of paper on the wall, footage of them covering ‘Seasons In the Sun’ in a studio with Kurt on drums and lots of other great stuff.”

The artwork for the set is currently being put together, with the likely choice being a “landscape” box.

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  • i’m probably not going to buy this box but, dang, i’d sure like to see them covering “Seasons In The Sun”.

  • Oh yeah, a Nirvana boxed set is JUST what you need to push you over the edge for a classic Christmas suicide.

  • You’re more likely to kill yourself after spending it with The Simpsons — Jessica, not (of course) Homer.

  • Aki

    How old are you all? 12? This is mine not yours! Stay away from my stuff you ungrateful monkeys!!! Nothing is what you know! It’s not about suicide! It’s about genius anti-pop, bearing your teeth for a grin and a swift middle finger for the masses. If you think the only thing to Kurt Cobain was suicide then top yourself now to sounds of Power Pop Punk Sum41 or some RnB turd rapping to ya’ll bout how his dick’s bigger than yours.

  • Chris

    yeah…you guys could be retarded…how can you say that the main message Nirvana broadcasts is suicide? think about it….this guy had everything in the world and yet he was still unhappy and he took his own life. it makes you think about what we really don’t know about being a rock star and all the stupid shit that comes along with it. kurt obviously wasnt the only musician who couldn’t deal with stardom, there are still many who can’t today. kurt just takes all the publicity and stereotypes because he was one of those musicians who couldnt deal with stardom so much it drove him to the edge. you obviously know nothing about the music and industry and the nirvana legacy at all…and i HOPE you don’t buy the box set.

  • Ana

    Kurt Cobain was an absolute genius and if you dont know that than read into him, do some research. Dont just label him as a fucking advertisement for suicide. Thats not what he was about. Listen to some of the lyrics in his songs! His childhood is what drove him to suicide, since the age of 7 he was miserable and depressed. If you’re gonna talk shit about an absolutely brillian man than you better have something to back it up…I KNOW I DO!
    Rest In Peace Kurt Donald Cobain~

  • Drew

    Hey aki or whatever your name is im twelve and im not one of those losers who only likes smells like teen spirit. so hell yeah im gonna buy its. (u can hear songs on http://www.bandbuilder.com/nirvana)

  • I’m listening to Disc Two now… the whole package is brilliant especially the heat reactive outer box… Expect a review on BC in the next few days.

  • Autumnswidow

    Kuntney Love Killed Kurt,Kurt is God,Krist and Dave are his deciples.Nirvana is the best fucking grunge band ever.From Metal heads to hardcore punk allrespect Kurt Cobain and all the little people inbetween.Box set I find is quiet pleasing.I have some of the unrealeased stuff on bootlegs.Its worth having,If your hesistant just do it,1171 Lake Washington Blvd Does Kunt still live there?

  • Francis Bean

    What does Francis Bean think of everything with her father?And wanna be star,mom?Dave was better in Nirvana,Grunge is not dead,Defintley get the box set its sooo worth it.Regain your roots and roll a fat one,kick back,Check out the box set its awesome!

  • Scoota Rey

    Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Nirvana who?


  • Incesticide

    Keep in mind with quality on some of them wont be as good as a “David Geffen realease”Alot of them were before Geffen.Its great though I highly recommend the box set,Its worth the money and wont let you down.Blandest is a great song,Even in His youth,Curmudgeon.Great box set.

    67-94,Courtney Killed Kurt,Watch Kurt and Courtney,UNsolved Mysteries,and her own father thinks she had control of it,When kurt left a message on vanity’s fair answering machine threatting to kill Lynn Herschberg and he could have it done,Assuming so Could courtney ask Eldon Hoke.

  • Heart Shaped Vagina

    Scoota Rey is Stupid,Burn in Hell,Your Penis is the size of the baby on the nevermind cover.Kurt is God!

  • Scoota Rey

    I’m sure your “heart-shaped vagina” would be a perfect fit for my “small penis”.

    You should just kill yourself (like a good Nirvana fan) for making the worst attempt at a joke I’ve heard in my life.

    I’m sorry you took my joke so personally. What were you, his groupie or something? Maybe you’re the reason why he killed himself.

    You “hardcore fans” can never take a joke.

    Pussy. (Get it? “Heart-Shaped Vagina”?)