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Just in case you didn’t know…

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Did you know that yesterday was the anniversary of Teddy – I love my vodka straight up – Kennedy getting away with murder?

36 years ago yesterday, Teddy Kennedy left a woman trapped in her car to suffocate, not drown! He never called the cops, he just went home and slept it off!

You can read about it here Mary Jo Kopechne.

And some how…some fucking how…the people of the communistwealth of Massachussetts keep electing this murderous, lying, fat fucking alcoholic pig to the US Senate! But then again…they elected john Heinz kerry to the senate too!

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  • Nancy

    Pity that entire nest wasn’t cleaned out about 100 years earlier. From the immigrant bar owner on down, not one has been an asset to this country or society.

  • Bar owner? and here I thought he was JUST a bootlegger!

  • Nancy

    Y’gotta go 2 more generations back. The original immigrant set up shop w/a bar, a la Gangs of NY. His son got involved in ward politics – & dirty they were, too. HIS son was Joseph P. – “the old man”, the bootlegger, mob associate, & sometime Hollywood ‘angel’ & playboy, & ambassador to the Court of St. James who got canned not too long into the job because he was a pro-German appeaser, directly against FDR’s orders, who married Rose Fitzgerald of the jutting chin, daughter of a notorious Boston pol. They spawned 13 kids, among them the original, intended ‘crown prince, Joe Jr. – who alas got creamed in WWII, Jack, & (the baby of the family) little Eddie aka Teddy K.

    The entire clan has always acted like they were above or beyond the law, probably because, beginning w/the boyos back on the Olde Sod, they WERE outside the law, for generations. Very lawless & ruthless crew from way back. They never did abandon the mentality, altho the current generation is beginning to look a tad civilized, but Ted is still old school.

  • And some how…some fucking how…the people of the communistwealth of Massachussetts keep electing this murderous, lying, fat fucking alcoholic pig to the US Senate! But then again…they elected john Heinz kerry to the senate too!

    As a MA resident I must take exception to this comment.
    You didn’t spell Massachusetts right.
    Other than that, I agree.

  • Nancy

    I remember a very telling episode early in my life, when I once crossed paths w/the old lady, Rose, on one of her last campaigns for one of her sons or other. I was a candy striper at a local hospital. Rose was posing w/several old ladies in wheelchairs for political photo ops. After it was over & the photogs had turned away, Rose removed her hand from where it had been clasping the patient’s, & carefully wiped off the cooties w/a damp handkerchief the aide handed her.

    Typical Kennedy behavior. Look at the Skakel murder, & the Kennedy nephew accused (& probably guilty but he bought his way out, as did uncle ted). Absolutely I have no idea why he keeps getting re-elected, except that in the old days (& probably currently) the whole clan was nose-deep in browning the RC church & they had more connections w/the Vatican than Opus Dei does, & until very recently the church had a lot of clout in Massachusetts.

  • Nancy, Michael Skakel was finally brought to trial and convicted in 2002.

  • Since we’re dropping dirt on Teddy K… Did you guys know he was thrown out of Harvard for being a cheat.

    Check out this link:

    – RBP

  • My sincerest apologies Dave!

  • copper

    I remembered. Every year I always send him a card about her murder, that way, he can remember too. I will not forget! Shameful how most democrats and liberals seemed to have forgotten about it. Either that or they make excuses for him. The whole damn family is worthless.

  • I just can’t believe there are no Kennedy defenders out there! None of his fellow liberals will come to his defense???

  • …the people of the communistwealth of Massachussetts

    Somehow, Andy, when you say things like that, you just don’t deserve a response…

  • Hi Andy:

    I’m a democrat and I agree w/ some of TK’s policies. And I often agree w/ what he says on the floor. However, your post is a personal attack… and he IS a scumbag on that level, so it’s kind of hard to defend him in the context of this post.

    – RBP

  • fair enough rbp…and it was meant to be a personal attack…but obviously, you knew that…thanks for the response.

  • billy

    ted kennedy is an american hero you moron. why do you hate america so much to post something this hateful against its leaders?

  • ted kennedy is an american hero??? what comic book are you reading???

  • There’s nothing wrong with a little sleaze reporting as long as nobody attempts to pass it off as legit… and Andy hasn’t (see above).

    I disagree with about everything that I’ve read from Andy. Nevertheless, I thought the phrase “Teddy – I love my vodka straight up – Kennedy” was pretty damn funny. What can I say… it’s a guilty pleasure.

    – RBP

  • rbp – how can you disagree with everything I say when I’m always right??? I thknk my feelings have been hurt…no wait…they’ve just been misplaced…never mind!

  • I’ve known several members of the Kennedy family over the years and have little good to say about any of them except for Teddy Jr. The loss of his leg to cancer seemed to strengthen his character and give him the will to have some integrity. I haven’t seen him in years, but what I’ve heard about him has been pretty positive – like he’s reacting against his father’s excesses.

    Bobby Jr, on the other hand, used to come down and beat me and my friends up in middle-school and seems to remain exactly the same sort of hypocritical bully he was then.


  • Nancy

    Billy, he’s not an American hero, or any other kind of hero – and I’m no Bush-lover, as Dave will tell you. But that family is (in general) so … I don’t know what. Sleazy. Overprivileged low lifes. If they weren’t on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I’d say they & the Bushes were cloned out of the same nasty mold together. I will except Ted Jr. – seemingly the only one in the whole tribe w/a sense of honor & gutsiness. Yeah, I’m aware of Skakel getting convicted; did they convict him as a ‘juvenile’, tho? I never did find out. I’m also well aware of Teddy’s little bout w/plagiarism & cheating – same issues dogged Jack as well some years earlier.

  • RJ

    Ted Kennedy, the “conscience of the Senate,” is basically a heartless killer.

    And people wonder why Massachusetts Democrats are so reviled in most of the rest of the country…

  • Nancy

    RJ, you’ve passed the limit on that one. Kennedy is NOT representative of Dems in Massachusetts or anywhere else, and you damn well know it, so stop your Rovian smearing. I don’t know now, & I suspect we never will know what his hold on his seat is; he certainly doesn’t have a record for ‘bringing home the bacon’; on the other hand, he IS the brother of the ‘sainted’ Jack & Bobby, plus he’s now older than dirt & held the seat for god knows how many years, and after a point, people tend to vote pols in just because they’re there. Not a good reason, but it happens. Plus he gets a lot of support from the left-left, because he’s good at posturing & raising cain on the floor. Maybe that’s why. I don’t think he’s conscienceless, tho: more like he’s too cowardly & shallow to think about it, so he doesn’t, altho I doubt his conscience keeps him up at night, either. In any event, he’s an anomaly, & not ‘normal’ as a Dem.