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Just Good Friends

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A little poem I wrote earlier today to exorcise a demon or two.

She opens the bottle
And pours out the drink –
A little darker than
Her favourite colour, pink

We talk about nothing,
And sometimes something
Normally not anything
That’s too depressing

Another glass,
Just like always
It’s going so fast,
As do empty days

I meet her eyes,
The beautiful browns
We both have smiles,
And I think i shall drown

Time stretches on,

Though it’s merely for seconds
Or even just one,
And now the end beckons

I want the moment
To last forever
But in a flash,
It’s gone to the aether

Gone with my mind,
To a different place
Where I can find
A greater bliss

The last of the wine
Is now in our glasses,
She finishes hers
As I finish mine

The evening ends
And we’re still just friends,
Once again,
Just good friends

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Jon, I like it and I think we can all relate at one time or another. You’re a multifaceted guy.

  • Shark

    – Shark’s Ode to Love Lost –

    She finished the bottle
    And ran to the sink –
    she vomits red wine
    it’s beginning to stink.

    We talk about nothing,
    which is all in her head,
    she wants to be “friends”
    but I’m wishing her dead.

    Another lost girlfriend,
    a babe down the tube,
    and alas i’m denied
    just a glance at her boob.

    I look in her eyes,
    as she checks out a guy—
    he winks from the corner,
    while I want to cry.

    Time stretches on,
    like the marks on her thighs;
    I’m giving her up
    and I hope that she dies.

    I wanted the moment
    To last for the summer
    but she left with my buddy
    and I’m on a bummer.

    Gone with my wind,
    who knows where she goes;
    another lost girlfriend
    and life really blows.

    I’ve given up wine
    for tears in my beer;
    She’s a two-timin’ slime
    and I’ll teach her some fear.

    I know where she lives,
    I know where she plays,
    I’ll purchase a pistol
    and one of these days…

    * * *

  • Shark

    PS: Steve Earle, gimmee a call!

  • heheh. BTW i’m not usually into poetry. I wrote it with the last poem i read being about 5 years ago, as part of GCSE english. I even skipped the poems in LOTR because i find them too soppy, but i’ll admit that, as stupid/crappy/cheesy as it sounds, i actually feel alot better having wrote it. Nice to know it’s not unread too =+)

  • Shark

    NOTE: If Blogcritics allows “poetry” posted as “Entries”— this site will lool like a Chapbook from the entire population of China.

    Every Tom, Dick, and Harry Chapin will be in here flaunting their personal angst for all the world to try to avoid.

    Just a thought…

  • Eric Olsen

    we’ve had “original fiction,” which would include poetry, up as a category for some time and very little input. I am not concerned about be overwhelmed. You forget the social element – this is a very critical place.

  • Well, boys, I liked them both. Sincerely. Ward?

    Well! June, I, I naturally I agree. The first one made me almost wispy, the way Donovon used to make feel before I realized he was gay and I wasn’t.

    But the second one turned me into a howling, barking, paw the door lunatic.

    I know where she lives,
    I know where she plays,
    I’ll purchase a pistol
    and one of these days…

    Enter Shark, BC’s own Belushi, to smash the pensive folksinger’s guitar against the wall. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Funny! But mean. But funny.

    Having said that, I agree with Eric. It’s a legitimate category, unexplored territory.

    I think it would be impolite and impolitic of BC to encourage Shark to continue in this direction, because it will scare away some very talented writers who could slash their wrists, or even worse slash somebody else’s wrists — who knows these days? The new thing is wrist piercing. Horrible.

    My point is this, Eric. If you wanted a gargoyle at the gate, you’d put Shark on it, right? He’s a little bit Simon, don’t you think?

    So we make a show. Sponsored by BC and Amazon and tied in with one of the big five entertainment companies so we’re guaranteed fluff coverage.

    It would help to have an actual event somewhere so the cameras would have something to point at. Everybody has a laptop and they’re all imblovising, maybe riffing on a punchline, the best of which are thrown up on the big screen.

    Real audience participation. Maybe it’s a competition, like American Idol. Anybody can submit, but they’d better be prepared for a beating.

    You could have Blogoffs at various levels for different ages and categories and really spread it out. Or go the opposite direction, which I prefer, and make it a national event and actually discover some truly great talent.

    And if we don’t locate those people, we’ll just punch it up a little.

    This idea coughs up the one thing Americans love most, worship most, even more than money, certainly more than their children, depending on their ages. And that’s a chance at fame.

    Fame. They wanna live forever.

    So… Let’s have a show! I’ll get Mickey Rooney! You get Liza Minelli. If either one of them are too drunk or simply dead we can always get Milli Vanilli.

    What do you think? This way it gives Shark something to do.

  • Eric Olsen

    excellent idea: get on it.

  • Shark

    Ah-ah, I know what you’re thinking punk. You’re thinking did he type enough comments to kick in his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

    And to tell you the truth, I’ve forgotten myself in all this excitement. But being this is an IMAC on a T3 line- the most powerful keyboard in the world and will blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question–‘Do I feel poetic?’

    Well, do ya punk!?

    (young “next-Alanis Morissette” laughs, starts to type; Shark hits “post” button; poetess gets blown away and splashes into the lake)

    Hey, it could work.

  • My love
    lowers down
    upon limpid lily pads,
    listlessly lingering.

    She casts a sigh askance,
    doting amidst frothing pond scum.
    Frog Prince? Fisher King?
    That wound in my thigh bleeds
    crimson, vividly festering,

    Courage to leap, entwine, seep.
    Fatally, I ponder:
    Do I dare? Do I dare?
    Does love conquer all?
    Shades of grey. . . no, puter.
    Blog voices wake me and I drown.

    Take that, Shark punk.

  • Oops, that’s pewter.

  • Eric Olsen

    As in, “This site looks grey on a compewter today.”

  • Dark and lonely on a summer’s night
    Kill my landlord
    Kill my landlord
    Watchdog barking
    Do he bite?
    Kill my landlord
    Kill my landlord
    Slip in his window
    Break his neck
    Then his house
    I start to wreck
    Got no reason
    What the heck
    Kill my Landlord
    Kill my landlord
    my l a n d l o r d

  • Jerry Lee Lewis

    “Big legged woman,come & lay that loving
    down,you’ve got something up that dress,
    that’ll make a rabbit hug a hound”….

  • Hey I liked that poem “Just Good Friend”… I think someone should ask out that good friend before someone else does it… I’ll copy ur poem to my poem book if don’t mind… take care and God Bless YOU!!!