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Just for Al Barger…

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Since Al’s having withdrawal symptoms, I thought I’d share. Today’s Austin American-Statesman has a report and pictures from last night’s triumphant Dixie Chicks concert at the Frank Erwin Center.

Note the F.U.T.K. t-shirt that Ms Maines is sporting, which was also glimpsed on the local K-EYE news last night and during the live feed to the Country Music awards. I think you can all work out what this acronym stands for….

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  • and cripes, that was the high point of the show….man, modern country music is so generic and bland.


    Call me, Natalie. We need to talk.

  • gjs


    Yes the Dixie Twits have the right of FREE Speech in the USA, as Maines has pointed out to the U.S. public so many times. However, being from Texas I can understand why her geography is a little off, they were in England, and not in the USA at the time of her Anti-Bush statement..

    However, as sales plummeted in the USA, sales of their CD’s have increased in Europe.. raising another question.? Was their timely bash against the President, Nationalism and America for profit??

    What I mean is.. was their statement made to sell more CD’s overseas, where Anti-American sentiments are the fashion now..??


    Natalie Maines: “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and your stinks.!”


  • GJS

    Get your FUNM T-Shirt today.!

    White T-Shirt

    Fuck You Natalie Maines