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June Poll Results: Do you still go to the theater?

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Do you still go to the theater?

  • Absolutely! 16.7% 1
  • No. 0% 0
  • Only for the Blockbusters. 16.7% 1
  • I wait for the DVD. 16.7% 1
  • When something catches my eye. 50% 3
  • Only for the indie films. 0% 0
  • I used to, not so much now. 0% 0
  • I must see everything on the big screen! 0%0
  • total votes: 6

I thought this was an appropriate question with the current slump that the box office is “suffering” from. I personally think that the much publicized downturn in box office receipts is just a smokescreen, and not nearly as bad as is being implied. The string of record breaking years had to stop at some point right? The films are still making boatloads of money, and will continue to do so.

There is also the possibility that the quick turnaround to DVD may keep people at home. Then there is the constant battle for quality films. Plus the fight for more screens from the independent features and lower budgeted films as they are forced out of the multiplexes by the big budget event films.

Whatever it is that may keep people away from the theaters, I still think there is nothing quite like experiencing a film on the big screen.

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  • SFC Ski

    When I saw the title of this post I thought you meant theater as in play, not as in movie.
    How many people go to see plays anymore, at any level?

  • Sorry, didn’t mean to be misleading. I haven’t been to a show in years, I wish I went more often. I would love to see Spamalot.

  • I went to the theater about a year ago…saw…Defending the Caveman…very funny!

  • SFC Ski

    Well, the reason I asked was I just went to see a play and realized it was the first one I’d been to in about 15 years. I was struck by the intimacy of the small theatrical setting, and seeing from one fixed angle; unlike a film, no closeups or wide shots. I enjoyed it and will have to try to do it more often.
    BYW, the play was Beyond Glory, a one man play about the Congressional Medal of Honor, very well done. So much so that I went and saw it again.

  • Nancy

    I don’t go to live theatre at all any more, for a really strange reason, I guess: I’m always paranoid that no one is going to appluad the performers, or the audience is going to be one of those ‘dead’ ones that under-applaud, & the performers’ feelings will be hurt. I guess it doesn’t help that I really don’t like crowds, of any size, altho I’m not phobic about them, just prefer not to. Ditto for movies: I’ve found i like it so much better when I can get the DVD & if I need to, rerun something; this is mainly because I usually manage to miss the most important piece of conversational information in any film, and spend the rest of it wondering where all this came from?

  • movie theatre’s suck…seats are uncomfortable…folks talking…no pause button for pee or cig breaks

    and too damn expensive

    nuff said?


  • Nancy

    I forgot about expenses, it’s been so long…. Yeah, another major reason not to go: why pay $70 or more a pop for live theatre, or even $9.50 for a movie, when I can rent the DVD for $2 & keep it for a week? AND run to the bathroom if I need to.

  • I still don’t think there is anything quite like seeing a film projected on a big screen, granted, those screens are getting smaller, but I still cannot replicate that at home. SOme movies play better on the big screen.

    Been to over 80 this year.

  • $2 rentals? Man, you’re lucky. They’re $5 here, which doesn’t make sense when you can watch matinee movies for $6.

  • “Some movies play better on the big screen.”

    They do. You don’t know how many people told me that Master and Commander sucked, but when I ask them where they saw it, they said on their TVs. Grrr. That movie should be played on big screens and with surround sound.

  • True. I found it works both ways. Years ago I saw Crash (Cronenberg) in a theater and liked it, then watched it on tape and it was awful. Flip that around, when I saw Taxi in a theater, it was awful, but upon seeing it on DVD, it played much better on the small screen.

  • SFC Ski

    One upshot of decreased audiences in the theater is that there are fewer loud or rude people in the theaters so I can enjoy the movie in peace and quiet.

  • Good point. However, this “decease” in audience attendance might also have a thing to do with the rising ticket prices, which causes more people to see films during the matinee hours and not at night with those outrageous prices. I have seen lots more people during my regular Saturday showings of films at 10-11 AM. GRRRR.

  • I am an avid movie and theatre fan. We probably go to 25 movies a year, and used to go to 8 plays or more a year. Big theater, little theater, dinner theater.

    We are going far less this last 6 months. Its the quality. Bad year. Good kids movies. Ok adventure. Nothing for serious adults.

    My neighbor the playwrite says romantic comedy is the hardest to write. Very few this year.

    I think there is also a backlash by red state types against the constant carping from Hollywood folks. I loved Streisand for the first 20 years of her career. Had every album, went to every movie, saw her at the Greek. I wouldn’t cross the street today.