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Jumbo’s Killcrane-Carnaval de Carne

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Thick and brooding — like a pile of sludge — Jumbo’s Killcrane’s latest release, “Carnaval de Carne” is an attempt at venturing into an almost melancholic, doom-oriented style of music that you have to force yourself to just get through. Song after song of solid music is pulled under the proverbial tide by a feeling behind the music that conjures emotions of despair and sadness. Vocals reminiscent of what hell might sound like, the variations and changeups on this disc may be the only thing that kept me from complete depression and committal to a mental hospital. A charge of something is desperately needed in this band—be it a few more major chords, a cowbell or a trombone, this CD was a great one-time listen but lacked the intricacy and precision of a band that will be around very long. For fans of Slayer, Carcass, and Chalice, this CD is a must-listen – others, will find it dreary, tiresome and repetitive.

Lyrics- B (Very dark and doomy. Not areal “mood” builder.)

Objectionable Content- B (Again, the lyrics were very dark and depressing.)

Overall Album- B- (For what it is, this album is great. Fans of this style will relish in each song.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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