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Judge Jeanine Pirro: A Pioneer of Justice

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I first heard of Judge Jeanine Pirro from her TV court show of the same name. There is always something that distinguishes one judge show from another; with Judge Pirro, besides having a great sense of humor and contagious laugh, she was a true pioneer in the legal arena.

First she was an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County N.Y. and later became the first female county court judge. After she left the bench, she was elected the first female District Attorney. Judge Jeanine helped to improve the laws for victims of rape, murder & domestic violence. During her time as D.A. she developed the very first task force to deal with the issue of domestic violence in the country. She was strong force against crime with a 100 percent conviction rate. She continues to be the fiercest fighter for the underdog. Judge Jeanine can be scary tough and beautifully compassionate. A truly awesome combination!

Her court show won an Emmy this year but you won’t see her on the TV bench anymore, she has moved to a desk at FOX News Channel. Justice with Judge Jeanine is an hour-long program discussing the legal system as it relates to crime and current court cases.

Hearing about Judge Jeanine’s accomplishments peaked my curiosity so I read her book, To Punish and Protect: Against a System That Coddles Criminals.

I was impressed by this woman who gave a voice to those without one. I admire strong women who get things done; it wasn’t something I saw growing up. I had a mom who couldn’t or wouldn’t even protect me from the horrors going on in our own home. So someone like Judge Pirro was unheard of in my world.

So imagine my surprise when I found Judge Jeanine on Twitter. Yes, it’s really her, and not some imposter. She had just signed up,so I was one of her first fifty followers; she answered her tweets as often as she could. I asked some of her other followers to share why Judge Jeanine is so special to them:

Knowing Judge Jeanine when I was younger would have been the greatest to have realized there was a voice for those of us who felt transparent in the world! -Jill T.

I admire her courage to be an advocate for victims of domestic violence and her compassion for the law. -Kimberly Fitzgerald

Judge Pirro is my role model to start with.. she has given me endless advice and helped me through a tough situation. -Katie W

She is so heartfelt, caring and compassionate which is what makes her a terrific advocate for victims of abuse. – Amy

I’m struggling to find the right words to explain why I’m such a fan of Judge Jeanine. At first it was because she’s an animal lover like me. But then, not long ago it changed. I’m afraid if I’m not careful I will offend someone. Sharing my truth is a bit awkward but I hope through any discomfort readers will relate or at least understand my feelings. I’m white and when I was growing up white women in my life were either passive, mean or distant. That was my experience. But black women were the strong and compassionate ones. As a fan of some strong black celebrities I sometimes feel like an outsider. There seemed to be a connection between people of the same race that I just couldn’t understand. That was until I did some further reading online about Judge Jeanine, a woman of Lebanese decent. I didn’t know Lebanese were white. At that moment I understood why there is some connection between races. A white woman who stood up and fought for the abused, seriously? I was blown away! There is comfort in the knowledge that she was out there protecting girls like me. I was sexually abused throughout my childhood & my cries for help were ignored. I felt a connection to Judge Jeanine at that moment. But more importantly, there was a rebirth of a trust that had died in me a long time ago.

About Ruthie

I'm devoted to animal rescue. I also work in internet public relations for TV personalities. In my spare time I like to sit on the sofa on my front lawn and watch the grass grow.
  • Ruthie

    This is a music video I made on Judge Jeanine.

  • The Westchester News

    This is not a personal attack this is the truth about Jeanine Pirro, and it is completely documented, every word of it.

    Jeanine Ferris aka Pirro does not represent the weights of Justice in Westchester County, New York. She spent her time here, terrorizing citizens, and covering up for corrupt police departments who were “On The Take” and terrorizing entire communities using street thugs to brutally abuse business owners and then, asking for freebies in return for protection against the thugs, and then she, put false charges on innocent citizens for her political gain, she did political favors for the time she was in office, and that’s her 30 year speciality is in corruption, she’s a professional at being corrupt.

    As, the citizens of Westchester County refer to her as, did you see Mrs. Hitler who is married to a convicted felon on Fox 5 Network?

    Jeanine sold her soul to the devil and lied about every case she was ever involved in, and she did whatever she had too, to get on Fox 5 News, and she would use that opportunity to discredit innocent people by using the news media to discredit their good character on Fox 5 News and News 12 Westchester.

    When she had a book signing, hundreds of Westchester County residents protested outside Barnes and Noble and held signs up rebuking her for what she did to the residents of Westchester County.

    She’s a disgrace and so is her PR person who promotes her phony image for Fox 5 Network.

    Jeanine Pirro is the queen of doing political favors, and that was her ticket to get her own show on Fox Network.

    She has no remorse for what she did to all the innocent citizens of Westchester County, and their children for her political gain.

  • Ruthie

    Regarding comment #2

    This isn’t a personal attack. It’s information that is documented:

    The westchester news site is just a website put together by Barbara Ricci.
    In 1993, Mrs. Ricci pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment after being arrested for punching, kicking and pushing a police officer in Mount Vernon,Ny where she lives.The officer had to seek medical treatment.

    She is disgruntled because she was prosecuted in 1995 for trying to run down her neighbors 11 year old daughter. After a hung jury a 2nd jury acquitted her-she refused to testify in the second trial.

    Now she spends her time attacking local public figures on her website and throughout the internet. Hard to believe she was ever voted Mrs. New York Miss Congeniality!

  • The Westchester News

    Ruthie, I think people can judge for themselves who is telling the truth. I am National Press, and my news media is award winning. I am not disgruntled, I am an investigative reporter, and extremely successful. Make sure you read my book when it hits the book stores, I’m Still Standing, you’re gonna love it because Jeanine Pirro is mentioned more than a few times. Hey, did I tell you that I am a cancer survivor for 22 years, well, I am. Did I tell you that my husband is a Teamster and we’ve been happily married for 28 years, well, I’m telling you now. Did I tell you I’m an award winning filmmaker, and I retired the title of Mrs. Westchester County, New York, USA, well, I did. Did I tell you I have a grown daughter and I am 54 years old. I’m not disgruntled, I’m excited that I am finally going to get to tell the world my story, very excited. Ruthie, shame on you for being so ruthless to pour vinegar on an open wound that will never heal. I’m not disgruntled, just extremely disappointed in our Judicial System for allowing Jeanine Pirro to destroy so many innocent lives. Buy my book, I’m Still Standing as soon as it hits the shelves, it’s an amazing story and extremely inspiring.

  • Ruthie

    Yeah you are very disgruntled or you wouldn’t be trying to ruin one of the most special articles I’ve written [Edited]. As I writer I’m limited with what I can say on here. Taking it off here…check your email soon!

  • Marie Shanda

    You are right we can judge for ourselves. Ricci you in my opinion are a sad person that can’t let go of the past. Get over it and try not breaking the law and you won’t get prosecuted! You should be ashamed of your actions and just because you are the press means nothing. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Marie really appreciate your support!

  • Ruthie

    Oh Ricci I almost forgot..I noticed you used the shame on you because of what I said in the article…you made me laugh…I guess I should have added if said by someone I respect.

  • The Westchester News

    When someone is wronged buy a corrupt prosecutor, and they were innocent, you think they should get over it,? Wow, both of you ladies should be a shamed of yourselves. Ruthie, you said your a writer, well, you should know if your a writer on the internet, you should write the truth because the robot crawlers know that you wrote rhetoric in this article the minute you mentioned Jeanine Pirro, ” Judge Jeanine helped to improve the laws for victims” she broke every law that was ever written.

    She prosecuted me and so many other innocent people without one piece of evidence, why because she could, she abused her power, and she knew I was innocent, and both of you can say what you want about me, but, you don’t have a clue what it’s like to be falsely accused of something that never happened! You think you’re making points with Jeanine Pirro by brown nosing her by writing this meaningless article, [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor], people like you cover up the truth about Jeanine Pirro’s corrupt past, when she was the Westchester County District Attorney. Shame on both of you because you are both wickedly simple minded!!! [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] Try making a difference in the world, life is short live each day to the fullest, and know that the truth is the most powerful weapon in the world, it’s unwavering.

  • Nightbird1231

    Ms. Ricci
    Are you suggesting Ruthie’s article is not factual or are you upset that Judge Pirro has loyal followers, one of which took the time to write an article about her? It seems to me the article is about what Judge Pirro means to Ruthie (and others): NOT what happened (alleged or otherwise) in Westchester Cnty NY years ago!

  • Ruthie

    Thank you Nightbird.

  • Kim

    We all have mixed feelings about seeing someone we may know on television, it sparks anger and jealousy. Having said that I am a fan of the Judge and admire all the work I have seen her do and read about. Thank you for all the positive energy you have created for women in need.

  • Ruthie

    Kim thanks for your post :)

  • Dr Dreadful

    We try to moderate with a fairly light hand here at Blogcritics, but personal attacks against other commenters aren’t allowed, and I sense that this discussion may be about to escalate to the point where I have to intervene. Disagreements are fine but please, dial it down and try to remain civil.

    Assistant Comments Editor

  • mamajaelynn

    everyone needs a hero, someone that champions a belief or a cause that they belive in.
    i found that hero in judge jeanine pirro as many others have too. i came about it in a very unusual way, in which the author of this article knows.
    i recently went to nyc to try to complete my bucket list and one of the things i wanted to do was to meet the judge to say thank you for being loud and for trying to find justice in an unjust world and for helping me in a way that only ruthie and she will know about. unfortunately circumstances got in the way and i never met her, but it gives me hope for next time. i love judge jeanine and am very proud to be one of pirro’s posse

  • Ruthie

    Wonderful post Jaelynn..thanks!

  • Ruthie

    Thanks for the backup Marie & Dr. Dreadful I hear you.

  • The Westchester News

    Let me say this to all of you, the Ms. Ricci you are referring to is not a criminal and never was one, and I will not allow Jeanine Pirro’s groupies to speak to me or anyone else who has been falsely accused by her. I wrote the truth about Jeanine Pirro, you on the other hand are all in denial of accepting the truth, you’d rather be mean spirited like Pirro, but, that’s okay, you have a right to your opinion, it’s not a problem for me, I deal with a handful of you from time to time who are star struck by her celebrity, but, that doesn’t intimate me, I remain consistent in my character, I am innocent, and dedicated to being there to remind the world about this evil woman who falsely accused me of a crime I didn’t commit, and that I was acquitted for in 23 minutes by a jury.

    Could you imagine how holocaust survivors must have felt, when writers were writing good things about Hitler, and the survivors said, Hitler is an evil man, he hurt so many people, and none of his followers wanted to hear the truth about him. All of you, Jeanine Pirro groupies one day will be shamed because she is still under investigation by the FBI for public corruption. I think a couple of you said that she is your hero, well, let me remind you, that, Hitler had a lot of followers that thought he was their hero too.

    I’m not a criminal, so don’t ever address me as one, I personally, know that Jeanine Pirro is a criminal, who got away with destroying so many innocent lives in Westchester County, New York.

    I hope you are all proud of yourselves today, you accomplished absolutely nothing.

  • Marie Shanda

    I can’t wait for Judge Pirro’s new book to be done. She is such an inspiration with talent and compassion.

  • Ruthie

    Me too excited to read Judge Jeanine’s novel! I’ve already pre-ordered it on amazon!

  • Christopher Rose

    One reference to Hitler in a comments thread is a warning that things are getting out of hand.

    Two is a sign that it may be necessary to start considering the option of banning people unless they can muster enough self restraint to maintain a little civility.

    Please take my advice on board here, folks…

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • mamajaelynn

    ms. ricci i know exactly who you areand what you have done.i have seen you on fstv and i didn’t agree with you then. and as for your comments not being a personal attack on judge pirro it does seem that is becoming one, not only on the judge but on anyone who follows her. i did my homework, looked up all valid internet news that i could find BEFORE i even sent my first tweet, and your website was the only one that i read that had any venomous diatribe. you need to let it go. it was 23 years ago. life is too short to go around with a chip on your shoulder. now i may not agree with some of the judge’s politics or even some of her views but i look past that and see a smile that brings sunshine to a dying woman day. yes i am dying and having judge jeanine pirro as a twitter friend not only gives me strength but something to look forward to. besides that she’s kinda hot! iam pround of ruthie and pround to be pirro’s posse.

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Jaelynn This article is very special to me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised a mean woman is trying to devalue my thoughts and feelings. It’s kinda what got me here in the first place. Judge Jeanine is really awesome & I’m really blessed to be able to communicate with her.I hope readers watch the video linked in the first comment.

  • Nightbird1231

    mamajaelynn I TRULY admire your courage and honesty.

    Ruthie The video is WONDERFUL!!! I really enjoyed watching it, realizing the time & care you took to get it right.

    We like/admire who we like for our own PERSONAL reasons, and I’m always happy to participate in a forum with like-minded people. To “Pirros Posse” I’m pushing the “LIKE” button. ;-)

  • del heusler

    Check out this Blog on Jeanine Pirro and it will tell you, all you need to know about Jeanine Pirro and what happened in Westchester County under her reign as DA and what she did to all of her victims of Pirro Justice!!!!

  • Ruthie

    This isn’t a personal blog. It’s an online magazine so I don’t have access to delete comments. If I could I would. This article means a lot to me. Spent a week working on it leading up to the interview because I wanted it perfect. The longest time I’ve spent on any article.

    Nothing anyone says will change how I feel about Judge Jeanine. I resent the spewing of venom all over the comments section of my article. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to interact with Judge Jeanine. This was my opportunity to share how I feel about her & why. Now a couple of bully’s are trying to ruin it. This was suppose to be something special, not a place for hateful attacks.

    Again, readers watch the video in the first comment after reading the article. That’s who Judge Jeanine Pirro is to me & millions of others.

    Judge Jeanine if you ever see these comments..I’m sorry.

  •,_prosecutor,_district_attorney,_convict_hubby.html The Westchester News

    I’m gonna give you the truth on a silver plater, if you can’t handle it, than, don’t address me direct and I won’t reply back to you direct.

    mamajaelynn, did you know that I’m a Cancer Survivor, since 1989, and I was still recovering from two surgeries when Jeanine Pirro falsely accused me, she tried to discredit my good character because I saw the Mount Vernon Police Department rough up a new gas station owner using thugs because they were on the take, and they were sending the gas station owner a message, if you want protection you’ll have to pay for it. You don’t know my story, and it’s sad you won’t be around to read my book, “I’m Still Standing.” You also, said to me get over it it was 23 years ago, wow, sweetheart, I am an innocent woman, and this is a wound that will never heal, and I have dedicated my life to fighting corruption, no matter how wide spread it is, I am there exposing the most notorious corrupt politicians every day of the week, this is my job, and you must thank Jeanine Pirro for my established career. You also said Jeanine Pirro is kinda hot, well, I hate to differ, but, I think she’s extremely cold.

    Did you know that there is a lot of dumpsters on the way to Heaven? Well there is, and you should think about that when you support someone who has caused so much pain and injustice to innocent lives.

    Ruthie, I thought you were a nice girl with bad taste, but, I was wrong, [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

    No matter which way you cut it, the truth is the truth, unwavering and it always remains.

  • zingzing

    you’ve been given internet gold, ruthie, and you turn your nose up at it. what do you come here for? a rubdown? [Edited] you seem to want to ban anyone who would dare oppose ruthie. shameful, ruthie. shameful.

  • Ruthie

    ZingZing, people can oppose what I think without personal attacks towards others. This [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] isn’t the place for it.

  • zingzing

    judge pirro is, as a public figure, quite open to attack on this website. you, on the other hand, have been attacking [edited] for no very good reason, other than that she seems to hold a different opinion of judge pirro than you do.

    it’s you that seems to be confused about where you are.

  • Ruthie

    Yeah right no good reason… [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] We love Judge Jeanine and nothing anyone says will change that. So my guess is you are her friend… or actually her under a different name. As a writer I get to respond to comments… but trust me I’ve been holding back out of respect for this magazine.

  • zingzing

    you use the phrase “personal attack,” but i don’t think you know what it means. other than the end of #31, which is wonderfully nonsensical, but pretty innocuous, can you please point out a personal attack against a fellow commenter [Edited]? then maybe you can look at your own words and decide if those constitute a personal attack.

    no, i’m not her friend, nor am i her under a different name. i just know what i like.

  • Ruthie

    If I didn’t know better I’d think you were disgruntled comments editorLOL

    I’m not going to copy and paste all the nasty here. Read the comments from the start and you will see all the personal attacks.

    You must not feel strongly or you’d post with your name. Thanks for sharing your feelings regarding this situation.

  • zingzing


    “You must not feel strongly or you’d post with your name.”

    “ruthie” is as much a nickname as mine is, ruthie…

    “Thanks for sharing your feelings regarding this situation.”

    no problem.

  • Costello

    You write an article where you oddly bury the interview so you can wax poetic about your hero, make a video about her, and talk to her through Twitter. Not sure you are the best judge of what obsession is.

  • Dr Dreadful

    As this site’s comments editors, Christopher Rose and I are keeping a close eye on this thread. I’m seeing veiled threats made by one commenter and the beginnings of personal attacks made by another. So far, nothing that has required editing, but like I said, please try to keep it civil. My Delete and Ban buttons are within easy reach. Thanks.

    Ruthie, I suspect that one thing zingzing does feel strongly about is his privacy, which is why he and many other participants at Blogcritics, myself included, don’t use our real names. Calling himself zingzing doesn’t inhibit him from expressing very bold opinions, as you’ll discover if you look around the site, particularly in the Politics and Music sections.

    As you’ve discovered, not everyone on the Internet has good intentions, and unless you take measures to protect yourself – such as using a pseudonym – you are vulnerable.

  • Ruthie

    I don’t think its odd to put the interview last…after saying what makes her so awesome then showing how awesome she is with an interview was done on purpose. I’m supportive of Judge Jeanine call me obsessed if you want since your opinion doesn’t matter to me. [personal attack deleted by comments editor]

  • Ruthie

    Dr. Dreadful my computer crashed recently and I lost all contacts and urls. Could someone email me the link to BC’s discussion site? My email is on my writers page. I couldn’t find one on yours so I thought I’d ask you here. Thanks!

  • Dr Dreadful

    Ruthie, it’s been quite a while (plus a site redesign and a change of ownership) since I myself joined Blogcritics, so to be honest with you I’ve no idea where the discussion site is or even if it still exists.

    You should have been emailed a packet of new writer’s materials when you first signed up for the site. All the additional information you need should be there.

    Failing that, Christopher Rose is the senior comments editor and you should be able to find his email on his writer’s page. He will be able to tell you who to contact with any questions or concerns about the site.

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Dr. Dreadful..the writers yahoo group is gone but the there is a board for us still. I lost everything when my computer crashed including the writers packet. I’m just trying to gather all lost contact info and url’s. Thanks anyway.

  • Costello

    If my opinion didn’t matter, why would you attack me with words that had to be censored?

  • Ruthie

    Costello what they deleted wasn’t directed at you.

  • Costello

    I apologize for the presumption, Ruthie. I reacted to the comment’s appearance

  • Ruthie

    Thanks but no apology necessary. I can see where you’d think it was about you.

  • Christopher Rose

    There has been no censoring of opinion. The only remarks that have been deleted where blatant personal attacks and we could have been much stricter in where the line was drawn.

    This is a public space and everyone has the right to post their opinions.

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • Marie Shanda

    After being asked to tone it down all but Ricci has. I’m just sayin’. I do understand where you are coming from but come on.


    Cat fight!!!

  • Marie Shanda

    Hi REMF(MCH)No fighting here ;-)

  • Ruthie

    I’m thinking since they are saying Judge Jeanine is fair game because she is a public figure. Ricci posted her resume..retired a pageant title, award winning news person, her criminal past,etc…doesn’t that make her a public figure & open to less restrictive guidelines like there seems to be on the Judge?

  • marie shanda

    Pageant title? ummm are you sure about that one? criminal past.. check…news person… check… large figure…. check… pageant title…. what type?