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Jude Law as Ian Curtis?

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Jude Law is set to play Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis in a new film about his life. The intention to make a biopic about Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980 aged just 23 having already contributed some ground breaking music to the world, was announced at Cannes back in May. Law’s possible involvement was revealed by Joy Division / New Order bassist Peter Hook in an interview with local newspaper the Macclesfield Express. He told them: “The whisper I’ve heard is that Jude Law will probably play the role. It’s not a bad choice. The film is being made by Hollywood, but what’s important is that they get the story right.”

Producer Tood Eckert would give nothing away except to say they were in serious talks with an actor to play the part of Curtis. According to the NME, he told reporters: “We are speaking with an actor who is huge and looks rather a lot like Ian. He has just finished a couple of films in which the only thing he listened to was Joy Division and New Order. Should this guy ultimately agree that he is going to play Ian, it would make it a much bigger film.”

This bit of interesting movie news comes CMU.

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  • EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeK! A typo.

    Unless you mean to suggest something about ludes and Jude Law and then the title would be quite clever.

  • Eric Olsen

    as typos go, that’s a good one

  • I sure cannot wait till this film comes out. J.D. is one of my all-time favorites.


  • I Love You

    Though I very much love Jude Law, will this movie be as stupid as his others?