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Judd, most successful Real Worlder

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Ever wonder what happened to Judd, the loveable everyman from Real World San Francisco? Yeah, I never did either. But a few months ago I ran across his picture in a Wizard and realized he’s Judd Winnick, one of the main scribes for DC comics.

After doing some research I’m ready to prounouce him the most successful former “Real World” cast member who had creative career aspirations. After all how many bands were on that show and went nowhere? Also, what about that blond kid in England who wanted to be a Formula One driver?

Unlike the parade of drunken eye candy the Real World features now Judd actually capitalized on his 15 minutes to show his talent establish a career without trying to be a massive celeberty.

He has written a book “Pedro and Me: What I learned about Friendship and Loss,” about Pedro, his HIV positive roommate on the Real World. He also found steady work in comics writing icons such as the X-Men, Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

Real World San Francisco was the first season, of two seasons, I ever watched of the show and I liked Judd and felt as if I could relate to the whole struggling writer bit. It’s good to see him succeed.

He also married Pam, the Asian med student from the show. They’ve managed to go on with their lives and stay out of the spotlight. For this, I dub them most successful real-world couple ever.

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  • I remembered him. I’ve watched every season of the show, and I’m glad he did well. Good to hear he married Pam too.

  • One thing that’s kinda cool is that in a lot of his work there’s a “pam” character.

  • San Francisco was a cool, enjoyable cast.

  • fanatic

    I remember Judd, and Pam. They were normal and real. Unlike the implanted, wild children on now. Good for him, keeping it together! Ah, good memories of when the Real World actually focused on compelling stories of day to day struggles, racism, HIv awareness etc.

  • amy

    I have a three year old son, and we were watching cartoon network. They had a new show called Juniper Lee, and they were giveing air time to the producer/creator of the show to explain what its about..and it was Judd. I have watched every season since #2, and I agree he is the easiest to relate to of all the cast members. Anyways…it does appear that he is quite successful. And the show is cute too. It seems that the main character is based on Pam, because she is asian and has a piece of her hair died pink like pam did.