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Judas Priest re-sign to Sony

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Well, rock truly is back in fashion. Sony have confirmed they have re-signed heavy metal outfit Judas Priest – 30 years after the band was originally formed. It was with Sony that the band had some of their biggest successes and, with what the label are calling the “definitive Judas Priest line-up” of vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and KK Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis, they will be hoping to resurrect those glory years with a new long player. While Sony’s press release is a bit OTT – “this long-awaited reunion of will thrill fans around the globe and provide them with the opportunity to see and hear the band that defined Heavy Metal as we know it today” – expect to see the ever-loyal metal contingent flocking to see the band on a European tour and at Ozzfest later this year.

From: CMU.

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  • SFC Ski

    That is great news, JP is one of the few metal bands that never became a self parody. with the release of the “Electric Eye” DVD (a 1986 concert that totally rocks!), and a tour in the works, looks like a great metal summer! Too bad they won’t be playing Baghdad. Still, I think a lot of folks want the adrenaline of heavy metal, as well as actual guitarr solos, to counteract all the crappy emo “feel sorry for me, I am a person, I have feelings ” crap. I don’t listen to music to hear about some whiny guy’s problems, I listen to get the energy to do something about my own. Hail Judas Priest, welcome back!

  • So is rob harlford back then? Good for Rob. that Mark Whalberg fella was never any good.