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Judaism is a way of life that challenges it's adherents to use their freewill to carry out Abraham's mission of bettering the world. Judaism insists that a person live very much in this world, and the Torah texts and the mass of rabbinic literature reflects this. So much of what they talk about is how to simply be a mentsch, take responsibility for yourself, and be kind and compassionate to others.

God gave Abraham trials that asked him to shake himself free of the world around him and take radical action that would set him apart as the ivri – the revolutionary – and at the same time make real, lasting change to the corrupt world around him. Picking up and leaving his childhood home and family estate, rejecting the pagan approaches to understanding and using nature, Abraham was building himself up to become a true leader of people, and the founder of Judaism.

Millions of words have been written about the application of the ancient wisdom of the Torah and the Talmud to modern challenges. The dynamism of Jewish scholarship and the proverbial stubbornness of the Jewish people have made Judaism remain as relevant today as it ever was.

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