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Jérôme Delgado on the moves

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Mr. Delgado writes a straight news story on the variety of moves being done by some of the galleries in town. It is a 828 word piece, that if my memory serves, means that absolutely every media outlet in Montreal will have covered this story. Hmmm, does this mean that it is easier to write straight news than it is to write good criticism?

He gets some good quotes, does a nice overview, and only misses one thing. Contrary to what he writes the new space being occupied by Sylviane Poirier on Amherst street is not the only, nor is it the first Art Gallery on Amherst. Back in November of 2003 Galerie Dentaire opened up at 1239 Amherst.

Ain’t nothing like shoddy research from a professional to get my dander up.

Posted by Chris from Zeke’s Gallery to Zeke’s Gallery at 9/1/2004 06:30:56 PM

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