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Joy! Sex and the City getting a new home on TBS

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Sex and the City is coming to a TBS channel near you!

I squealed when I saw Carrie wondering if she could do it all again….in a TBS commercial….

“…in a New York minute!”

Joy! One of the best tv comedies in our generation is heading for syndication glory on TBS June 15, 2004. Program your Tivo and get ready to fall in love with those amazing ladies, one more time! I know folks have a love/hate relationship with this show…..as in, you’ll love it or hate, after watching a 30 minute episode. I adored it from my first DVD set after watching Carrie, Sam, Miranda, and Charlotte get lucky and bummed out on love in the Big Apple. I loved that they have their priorities screwed with when it comes to their jobs and their relationships. I also love that they take risks with their hearts and sometimes, they get hurt…..but they bounce back.

My Sex and the City DVD’s cheered me up when I was having a rough time in my life. With a glass of wine and my blanket wrapped around me – I could escape into this wonderful world of fashion, sophistication and a dash of wackiness.

I know it’s not real…..it’s just a wonderful fantasy….with real emotions.

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  • Tardy

    Does anyone know the artist and song used in the TBS SATC commercial? I saw it at the theatre.

  • history repeating by the propellerheads, with shirley bassey.