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Journals are most commonly defined as written records chronicling a series of events which are updated on a regular, ongoing basis — usually daily. Sometimes also referred to as diaries, these written logs may have recorded entries that number as many as several in a single day, or as a few as maybe a handful covering an entire year. This all depends on the writer (or the “journalist” if you prefer).

Although journals are most often personal in nature, the word has also come to symbolize more professional writing as well. Scientific and research papers are often called journals, and newspaper and broadcast reporters are even more often professionally referred to as journalists.

A number of newspapers call themselves journals, with perhaps the most famous example being the Wall Street Journal. There are also a number of specialized publications calling themselves journals these days, such as the German and international business journals one might find in Europe.

The roots of blogging also came from the keeping of journals — with the word blog itself being a shortened way of saying web-log. Not surprisingly, you’ll find bloggers have a lot to say on the subject of journals. You’ll find them at sites like Journalists Toolbox and The Journal Blog.

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