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Joss Stone Rocks

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I’m very pleased that Joss Stone’s Mind, Body & Soul is doing well on the charts because she is a quite the chanteuse. She belts out throaty pieces of soul like no one out there, including the rather disappointing Alicia Keys (loved her first album, though).

But she is young– 16, I believe. I just hope she doesn’t let fame go to her head a la Fionna Apple. Who made one great album and promptly disappeared. I think she’s busy writing poetry. Whatever. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to Joss because, I believe, she’s going to have a good run.

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  • Timmy

    Why does this post exist? What have I learned after reading it?

  • bob2112

    Timmy, if you haven’t learned it yet, you’ll never understand that you are not supposed to understand crap like this. I am only humoring you for your wise analysis & offer my enthusiastic HIGH 5 for hitting it right in the nose!
    Timmy, you can kick it with me anytime, bro!

  • Stop in the name of love! Just for you, Timmy. Here’s a link to my entry about Joss Stone, which also considers the controversial issue of cultural appropriation. I think you will find it of sufficient interest.

    Timmy ain’t just pullin’ your leg, Niraj. This reads like something Marty Dodge would post. You can do better.


    I read an interview with Joss Stone in Paste magazine, she seems to know she is only 17, which is a good thing. I can only hope that such an incredible voice will write or find material worth singing.

    MD, your link provided a very good article.

  • Thank you, ‘Sfc. Ski.