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Jonathan Coulter – The Nerd Folker

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Oh man, I am buying a CD from this guy. You can listen to a couple of songs from his new album “Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow” in high-quality Quicktime streaming on his site jonathancoulter.com. After you have listened to the tracks, go ahead and buy a CD right from Jonathan himself. You know you will.

The melody on his song “Millionaire Girlfriend” (from Smoking Monkey) sounds a lot like Dan Fogelberg and his lyrics are a cleaner version of the witty stuff you’d hear from Stephen Lynch.

Dig deeper into his songs (also available on iTunes) and you will find even more wit and catchy pop hooks. You also find the occasionally well-placed naughty word.

If you are fans of Barenaked Ladies, Stephen Lynch, and even Weird Al, then I suggest that you download his songs immediately and tell your friends.

Standouts for me are:

1. First of May
2. Christmas Is Interesting
3. Millionaire Girlfriend

I emailed Jonathan last night and let him know that I was going to be posting a review of his songs on Blogcritics. That’s when he informed me that due to massive exposure by Boing Boing, his hosting provider shut downloads off for the day yesterday. So when you do go to his site, tread lightly, mmm k?

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  • Melissa

    I just heard – IR Your Brains on the PodCast-Novella – How to Succeed at Evil – BRILLIANT!!

  • C

    Not “Coulter”. Coulton!

  • netter

    I Love his songs – Baby Got Back is hilarious, although my favorite is Stroller Town – so Beach Boys! and Code monkey except for the one swear word in it…