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Jon Stewart vs. Tucker Carlson Part II

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Jon Stewart vs. Tucker Carlson: The rematch.

Beginning Aug. 8 at 11 p.m., MSNBC’s The Situation With Tucker Carlson will go mano a mano with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, hosted by Stewart, who last fall called Carlson a rude term for a portion of the male anatomy.

It’s Jon Stewart’s Daily Show . . . (Peter Kramer – Getty Images)
Their on-air spat began when Stewart took advantage of an appearance on CNN’s now-disbanded Crossfire to scold Carlson and co-host Paul Begala.

“You’re doing theater, when you should be doing debate. . . . What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery,” Stewart lectured.

When Carlson told Stewart, “I do think you’re more fun on your show,” Stewart responded: “You know what’s interesting, though? You’re as big a [bleep] on your show as you are on any show.”

MSNBC will put former Fox News Channel anchor Rita Cosby’s new show in the 9 p.m. time slot previously held by Carlson. Rita Cosby: Live and Direct is described in an MSNBC news release as “a hard-hitting, no-nonsense news program that brings viewers stories they won’t see anywhere else.”

In its short run on MSNBC, The Situation has averaged just 200,000 viewers, which is down more than 40 percent from what Deborah Norville’s show averaged last year, and far short of the 1.4 million that Jon Stewart has averaged per show so far this year. The Situation will be the only live cable news program at 11 p.m., competing with repeats of Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor and CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, as well as Stewart’s show.

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  • Cue the funeral march. Tucker’s last show got killed by having on, Stewart as a guest, running against him… can’t be good news for Tucker. See ya Tucker and yer stupid bow-tie.

  • God I can’t wait until Jon Stewart kills his ass. Hahaha.

  • I think its cruel that they would match these two up again. Poor Tucker. He is so out of his league here. You can’t spin away from the Stewart skew. He’ll be on a bowtie shishkabob and slowly turned over the Stewart(barb)ecue on the Stewart skewer.
    Oh the agony of watching that little brown nosing republican hack trapped within the exterior guise of a plush toy-risking life and limb throwing himself on a live grenade as it were in desperate hopes of some sort of permanent bookmark of propreity. Plush toy bowtie skewered versus man whose head is shaped remarkebly like an axe.
    I want to see Dan Abrams interviewed by
    Jon Stewart. They actually seem like intellectually closer to something vaguely resembling peers.

  • Revtim

    Regardless of politics, Stewart is just a thousand times sharper and and million times funnier (and hence billions of times more entertaining). Tucker will be vaporized.

  • Plus Carlson has no idea about what the hell his guests are talking about. I watched the show once or twice, and all of his guests were getting impatient with his obtuseness. Carlson will have a plan of attack, but Stewart will destroy him.

  • Jon Stewart is not only more entertaining and probably more intelligent than Carlson, he also asks some of the best interview questions of any news show, fake or otherwise.

  • I can’t imagine anyone, regardless of political persuasion, who would watch Carlson over Stewart. Even if I don’t agree with Stewart’s politics, he’s a hell of a lot more honest and truthful than most Democrats and he’s entertaining. All Carlson has to entertain me with is that silly bowtie. Reminds me of some of the nerds I went to prep school with.


  • Mihos

    What would you do if accidently bummed into John Stewart on the subway? I’d be like Oh My God your John Stewart. Hed be like your really observant.
    If I bumped into Tucker on the subway I’d be really tempted to give him a full nelson. Or at least I would be standing there wondering what sort of underwear he wore to determine the amount of force would be necessary Without going overboard to produce said effect of Nelson.
    As Jon Stewart is leaving the subway after my bumbling run in I think I might run after him and say something stupid like promise you’ll run for president or will you have my baby?

    Tucker is leaving and I’d probably hand him some of my coveted sanitary wipes the kind they hand out at KFC.
    I just go in there to steal the little nappies. Do you think that’s wrong?

  • Stealing is always wrong.

    Tucker Carlson taking on Jon Stewart? That’s just stupid.

  • Mihos

    What about Full Nelsons for republican hack chumpp journalists?

  • >>What about Full Nelsons for republican hack chumpp journalists?<< Only if we can reserve a kick in the nuts for sold-out leftist hack journalists. Paul Krugman is first on my list. Dave

  • Full Nelsons and Scrotal Kicks are always wrong.

    Jon Stewart’s whupass of Tucker Carlson will be figurative but real.

  • They may be wrong, but they would feel so good.

    On a related topic, are there any liberals who realize what a doublethinking, duplicitous weasel Paul Krugman is, or do thinking liberals actually buy his line of crap?

    I mean, I know what a lying bitch Ann Coulter is – are there liberals capable of seeing the same of their equivalents like Krugman?


  • N/A

    Jon will not loose any viewers to the geek in a bowtie but that is not the question. Everyone with half a brain knows that.

    The question is if Tucker will keep people already watching Joe’s show from switching the channel.

    The rebuttal is rooted in the suggestion that people who watch Joe will watch Jon. Do Joe and Jon share the same audience?

    I watch both shows and I like both guys so maybe they do but in theory I shouldn’t watch both.

    MSNBC hired Rita from FOX to follow the COUNT DOWN with Keith the liberal who never met a pun or puppet he didn’t love, who follows the middle of the road liberal Chris who yells at traffic for fun. I always thought conservatives were the ones who went to bed early but MSNBC apparently thinks conservatives stay up late or that liberals would prefer to watch prime time reality shows on the networks and are now trying to grab conservatives away from FOX. The reality shows are over by 11 PM. Eastern Time just in time for liberals to catch Jon�s show. I don�t think MSNBC is too concerned about competing with Jon because they don�t think the conservatives who watch Joe will watch Jon.

    I like the format of Tucker�s show. It is fast paced and he has good guests. The only problem with Tucker�s show is Tucker. I�m a libertarian sort of guy and he makes me want to sign up for the Stalin for President campaign. But in any event, Tucker is really competing against the numbers Chris got from the recast of his show. If more people or the same number of people tune into see Tucker than tuned in to see Chris, then Tucker will see another day. Otherwise, MSNBC will replace Tucker with another lame conservative or simply air a recast of Chris or Dan�s show. MSNBC is probably hoping to reduce the numbers Bill gets at FOX from the repeat of his show but that is a pipe dream.

  • I’m going to let out a preemptive “pwned” statement as J. Stewart’s gonna be alot of fun to watch tomorrow evening.
    Mmmmmm…….real entertainment on the tube.

  • GetReal

    You people do realize that the Daily Show is NOT a News program don’t you???

    If this is the show where you get your news from….I pity you…I really do.

    Yes, the show is funny….but there is a difference between funny political humor and funny partisan humor.

    Stewart and Maher = Partisan humor (Liberal). Funny to only 1/2 of America (for the most part). Letterman and Leno do funny political humor in their monologues, etc…there is a difference. You can’t openly bash 1/2 of the country’s views with partisan humor and expect to be widely accepted.

    Stewart has Fahred Zakaria on his show talking about the seriousness of terrorism and Jon routinely breaks in with a quip totally off topic. Yes…don’t mistake this for hard hitting journalism or news.

  • handband


    “hard hitting journalism or news.”
    -Now that is funny!

    “You can’t openly bash 1/2 of the country’s views with partisan humor and expect to be widely accepted.”
    -Okay…wake up buddy! All political humor is partisan but remember it is HUMOR! Let me help with the definition of humor: That which is intended to induce laughter or amusement. If people can’t except humor from the other then maybe the problem isn’t with the individual who produced the humor but with the person who lets it get to them.

    “You people do realize that the Daily Show is NOT a News program don’t you???”
    -So what do you consider news stations…do you know of any creditable ones?

  • kevfucious

    Most of the time I can find appreciate political humor from any perspective, but sometimes when I hear a political joke that is completely opposite of my view, I just don’t see any humor in it at all. It’s not that it offends me, it just seems mindless and a waste of my time. When a comedian makes jokes directed at different politicians, beliefs, or political parties, I usually find most of them funny, but if a comedian continually makes jokes that are from a different perspective than mine, I’m probably just not going to be very interested in watching him or her.

    I think that’s a big reason Carlson has so few fans compared to Stewart. Even if they were completely equal as far as intelligence and humor, people would still prefer Stewart because Stewart’s show is what I consider to be one of the most unbiased news shows in existence, whereas Carlson alienates 50% of the country on a regular basis because he expresses his political views.