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Jon Stewart and CBS

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Jon Stewart will never be taken serious if he were to be named the head anchor for the CBS evening news. Jon Stewart is a comedian. That said, he’s the only person on television that gives us the straight news. Comedy Central should give him the 6:30 slot to rival the major networks. Instead, they make us stay up late and choose whether to watch the local news or the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

When I am at home, I am unable the Daily Show until the next morning due to the fact that my parents won’t let me watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. However, they always watch the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. Assuming Jon Stewart is named the anchor for the CBS Evening News, I’d be able to watch him do the news. Would he do it in a comedic fashion or the way they want him to do it?

Viacom currently owns both channels. They are also considering Katie Couric. They are currently considering doing the dual-anchor thing like CBS did back in the 1990’s. Les Moonves didn’t rule it out and he’s keeping the doors open. However, the way things are now, Jon Stewart has more credibility than Bill O’Reilly of FOX News.

If Les Moonves is wise, he’ll name Jon Stewart as anchor. If Stewart wants it, it most likely is his. However, CBS Evening News would never be the same as many comedians go on to host variety or sketch comedy shows.

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  • I disagree. I think Stewart would do fine as a news anchor, as he has sitting in for Larry King. However, I doubt he would want to make the switch as his current format allows him to be a maverick/watchdog/comedian in a new role that he is helping to define.

    He already makes a very good living, so it’s doubtful that a dual-anchor contract would be overwhelming enough to sway him. My guess is that he stays put.

  • My understanding of Moonves’ statement certainly wasn’t that Stewart was in the running for the anchor position — instead, I understood him to say something to the effect that there might be a role for Stewart somewhere within a restructured CBS news organization, so I would assume that he might be offered some type of commentator or gadfly role. I am a huge fan of Stewart’s, but I really don’t see him as a news anchor, and frankly, I hope he stays put for a while longer at The Daily Show, which is pretty much the only thing I make a serious point of watching any more.

  • Need I even point out that Peter Jennings is not only not from the US, but has only a high-school education and his prior broadcast experience was as a game show host? His only assets are good looks and a nice voice. Compared to that Stewart looks positively overqualified for the job.


  • RJ

    Jon Stewart is a joke. Why would CBS execs replace one joke (Dan Rather) with another?

  • Well, an intentional joke is funny. A joke masquerading as serious news is anything but.


  • Dan Rather had many years of being a solid journalist. Particularly late 1960s and early 1970s. He’s a joke because of one mistake?; Arguably one which could be based largely on his producers.

    Whew, we’d all be in a heap of trouble if that were true of all of us.

    I compare Rathers to Barbara Walters, who was a pioneer of her time. But she is worse now.

    Now? Well she’s just a gossipy windbag, but I still respect what she was and her early accomplishments.

    A parent starts shitting on themselves in old age. Do you immediately discount everything that person was before? Um, not that that’s the perfect analogy.

  • It’s easy to discount Stewart because he tells jokes for a living (though even his critics must admit they are brilliant skewering jokes that make pols shake in their booties) but the truth is that the guy is wicked smart, sharp, quick on his feet, and has the ability to make provocative insights.

  • RJ

    What I am disurbed by, is that fact that several 20-somethings I know watch “The Daily Show” as if it was the nightly news. IOW, this is all the info they get about the day’s events, and they take it somewhat seriously.

    Jon Stewart is a well-known Lefty. So, taking his skewed view on the news seriously ain’t exactly a good thing, if one’s goal is to actually inform, rather than brainwash…

  • RJ

    (Insert off-topic diatribe about FOXNEWS here…)

  • Surveys have actually shown that viewers of The Daily Show, on average, have a higher education level and take in more news sources than the average viewer of network news programs.

    The Daily Show is an intelligent satire of the news. It’s clearly intended to play off the news of the day. However, it’s probable that some uninformed people watch it and take it all in at face value, but this is probably true of SNL’s Weekend Update, Entertainment Tonight, and many other infotainment shows.

    So, RJ: it may disturb you, but taking it out on The Daily Show is the wrong way to go about it, in my ‘umble opinion.

    Finally, on Stewart as liberal (and please note no reference to conservative-leaning media entities): he and the show are as hard on the left as on the right. It’s in his interest to do so as it lends him the credibility he holds and deserves as an equal opportunity political satirist.

    Eric Berlin
    Dumpster Bust: Miracles from Mind Trash

  • I’m generally watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper at the hour of The Daily Show, although I catch that reporter from TDS on Mr. Goodwrench commercials every so often. Speaking of, has anybody heard anything about CNN anchors being approached by CBS for Rather’s spot?