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Join the $200,000 Treasure Hunt With Perplexcity Card Game

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PerplexCity is not Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! This card game puts your gaming skills to the test as you must solve the card puzzles and find clues to help find the missing Receda Cube that’s been hidden on earth. In order to play you have to buy $5 card packs and solve the puzzle cards. You solve the puzzles on the cards and post your answers on the Perplexcity.com website. When you get the puzzles right you get points and a step closer to the season $200,000 prize.

The game is loosely based on the book “Masquerade,” by Kit Williams. The book was a child hood favorite of Mind Candy Games’ CEO Michael Smith. In the book a massive treasure hunt for a golden hare takes place and takes three years to solve. Smith and his company are trying to recapture the fun and excitement of the book and bring it to the world of gaming.

The cool part about this game is its high level of real world interactivity. The game communicates with you though e-mail, text messages, phone calls, and live events. Characters from the Perplex City Academy will leave you clues through these media formats, giving you a greater connection to the game. You’ll even have to trade and team up with other Perplex City Academy players in order to solve more clue and get more points.

“It amazed me that no one took the Pokemon card model and tried to do a game for an older audience,” Smith told the press. “We are trying to cater to the hard-core fans who will analyze every pixel, but also the casual market that will enjoy solving the puzzles on the cards.” To date Smith and his company, Mind Candy Games, has sold about 160,000 packs of cards, and it has 14,000 people signed up on the leader board.

So put your brain to the test and see if you can win the $200,000 before I do.

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