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Join BC for a Live Chat Following the House, M.D. Season Premiere!

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I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a new season of House, M.D. Part of me is a bit nervous about how the creative team will address those things left hanging at the end of last season.

We know, of course, that House (Hugh Laurie) begins season eight in prison. But how will that affect him? How will it affect those in his universe once he’s released? Change is often difficult for House. So what happens when House’s entire world is turned upside down? I am very curious!

And, how will the writers address the departure of Lisa Cuddy. As much as I will miss her (and Lisa Edelstein), her departure opens up all sorts of dramatic possibilities for the show’s narrative.

I will not say much more about the season premiere than I already have, at least not before “Twenty Vicodin” airs; you can read my thoughts elsewhere on Blogcritics. But I do want to invite you to a live chat in this space following the East Coast airing of “Twenty Vicodin” Monday night.

I apologize in advance to those of you on the West Coast for not waiting until the episode airs there, but it’s just too late for me. But the entire chat will remain up on the site, and those of you who are not able to participate at the scheduled time can read the comments and add your own to the comments thread below. If the chat works out well, I’ll try to make it a semi-regular feature of my “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process” column during the upcoming season.

To tide you over until Monday, I’d like to share two videos to whet your appetite, including an interview with series star Hugh Laurie provided by FOX, and another featuring executive producer and director Greg Yaitanes. Enjoy, and I hope to see you here Monday night.

The House season premiere airs Monday, October 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

Hugh Laurie talks about “Twenty Vicodin” and House‘s eighth season:

Greg Yaitanes discusses the upcoming season eight:

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  • rjw

    Wish I could have participated more with the Twitter conference,but work beckoned;).I’m glad that people seemed to enjoy the episode (I thought it was very good).Also nice to have civility back again!

  • BrokenLeg

    14 @ Amy
    I agree totally with you!! There was not so much to work with the inconsistencies of the script!

    As an example of these ones: Why not to contract a lawyer when he had Stacy that is in some kind of debt with him? To be successfully punished? Or is to take the simple option of self punishment and in consequence self forgiveness? That is the behavior of a smart, brilliant and intelligent person as GH is supposed to be? Instead of have tried to amend things as much as possible, if not with Cuddy( shame would not let him), at least with Wilson ( if he is really a TRUE friend, as a true friend should have been always there to help), the team and the society? GH walking quite successfully without his cane? Now? Why not in past seasons? Leg pain successfully addressed in prison? Medium-high security prison for a such low range crime that, after all, lets him go out on parole in only a few months jail time? GH feels “true” regret for his behavior or an immense sadness for losing her loved one and for himself? Again saying he was able to see people leaving? That he knew Rachel was not there? ( repeating writers words of last may or better trying to content and readdress fandom) ,etc…

    All I was able to watch in this (so weak) season opening is a desperate and truly unsuccessful attempt to amend as much as possible unexpected ( to TPTB and writers) great number of fans raged reaction to season seven finale. And an episode that tries to be a response to the unexpected turmoil generated. But it fails. For me, this season opening is some kind of “Broken” 2.0 version, but without any of the brilliance and glory of it. And the worse “closure” ( I refuse myself to call it so) to Cuddy’s role.

    As you’ve said: “Cuddy deserved much better than that and as viewers so do we”.

    And I add, and Gregory House and [H] too……………And the unexpected final cruelty:at the end the note said the same words many times before Cuddy had said to him: “You were right”!

  • No one deserves an Emmy

  • Hugh Laurie deserves that Emmy, and they HAVE to give it to him! Darn it!
    Also, I doubt the series will be canceled, at least mid season.
    I am sorry to have missed the live chat. I think House needs to see his mother, too! (And find out about how he happened to have a different father!)

  • I agree with Amy. Also about HL being one of the greatest actors of all time.

  • Amy

    Hugh Laurie may be the best actor of our time, if not, all time. But he wasn’t given a lot to work with in this episode. Both he and his character seemed bored from beginning to end. And I’m still very disturbed by the domestic violence and how it was explained so simply away. Cuddy deserved much better than that and as viewers so do we.

  • Elisabeth

    I will still watch for Hugh Laurie, because… well, it doesn’t matter just because he is Hugh. But I agree it was amusing to see the writers backpedal and try to fix what was wrong in last season’s finale. Possible homicide – no! There was nobody in the room. Jail time – okay, but just because he refused legal council and decided to suffer his legal punishment as meted out in order to suffer as he deserved. Long term consequences – of course not – this is House – in the view that we all seek, he rises above all.

    Don’t get me wrong – I want to see House out of jail and practicing medicine again and I just want to see a logical re-insertion.

  • linda

    I did not react to his crashing the car into Cuddy’s house the same way a majority of the fandom seemed to react. It was never meant to be an act of potential homicide, but something to, admittedly over-the-top dramatically, disrupt her fun date with her new boyfriend, his way of saying “I’m done with you”. But, the way it was filmed did not really allow that to come through, and that is Shore and Yaitane’s fault. And post-show interviews with Shore indicated that is what he meant. But they did a good job of addressing the event, and now we will have to see how they address Cuddy’s absence.

    A decent, solid premiere episode. I enjoyed looking through your chat and am sorry I missed it.

  • spoilerchicka

    I totally agree, Elisabeth, that House’s dialogue about Rachel being at Arlene’s on Fridays and seeing everyone leaving the dining room was definitely to salvage House’s actions as being crazy just not homicidal. Sorry but that bandaid won’t stick. Shore screwed up with that “finale” idea that landed with a thud by most tv critics and fans. It was so out of character and over the top that it had to be addresses and it wasn’t handled all that smoothly.

    Big deal that House wanted to punish himself by having NO lawyer AFTER hiding out for three months out of the country. Anyone buying that one either? Now he’s off to study dark matter (something never referred to in the first seven season?). House is still a jerk, still unpleasant and has no “peeps” for a reason. Sure, he’s entertaining from the sidelines but any character that gets embroiled with him will draw the line at some point. You’d think Shore would wake up to recognizing his faulty premise that people can’t change. House is damaged and refuses to alter his behavior — why? because supposedly people don’t change. It seems David Shore has somehow confused the concept of wisdom and maturity with stubborn, immature and snarkiness born of arrogance and lack of self-worth.

    Sadly, the show I once loved to watch eagerly each week has disappointed me greatly with this dullish premiere and the inexplicably stupid finale.

    In this episode, House can hobble without the cane just fine. House somehow has Urkel as a friend but for no apparent reason or ability to make it worth Urkel’s while. (What?) and House needs to be right (and save a life of someone he continually professes to not care about) to the extent of losing out on early parole.

    Great, so our unloveable, self-destructive, yet amusingly sarcastic jerk goes back to a hospital with no department, no friends and a job that’s nothing like what he had. Gee, guess he’s really hit rock bottom, again, and again, and again.

    Do you think at some point House might evolve? God, no. If that happened, David Shore’s show would come to an end with an actual point rather than wait to hear if his show’s going to being canceled or not renewed.

    sorry for the rant but the show is no longer on my list of must-see tv. More hype for a tired premise. Perhaps some evolution in character growth might have earned the talented Laurie his long sought after emmy. Doubt they’ll ever award it to Laurie if the show gets canceled.

  • Thanks to everyone who participated. There is a replay above in case you missed it.

    Just click on it and add your own comments to this thread. My commentary will be up tomorrow morning fairly early.

  • Elisabeth

    Where is the live chat? There is no way that others do not want to participate?

  • Elisabeth

    Sorry – left the dining room for the living room.

  • Elisabeth

    So, he didn’t even hire a lawyer and try to defend his actions @ Cuddy’s house – that speaks to me of incredible guilt. Nice bit for David Shore to add that he knew that Rachel was at her grandmother’s house and that he saw that everyone had left the living room. I believe all of that is in reaction to the fan’s overwhelmingly negative view of the crash scene.

  • angelcat2865

    Great episode not surprised that House was punishing himself.

  • Tammy

    @nancy j the note said; “you were right.”

  • Elisabeth

    You were right!

  • nancy j

    My TV went off just as he was about to read the note at the end, what did it say?!?!

  • I have no idea. I’ll have to take another peek. I would guess he’s no longer Director, though.

  • Nickel

    Hi Barbara, I just looked at the promo photos for Transplant and noticed that House’s office door does not have Diagnostics Dept on it. Any ideas why? I mean if they kept all his personal items (all Bally’s are there) and his name on the door why not dept?