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Johnathan Rice’s Trouble Is Real

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Johnathan Rice is an international man of mystery. He grew up in Scotland, has spent time in the US from Brooklyn to LA and has an accent unlike any other. And with such a hauntingly beautiful voice it is hard to imagine it belongs to a youngster that recently turned 21.

Trouble is Real is Johnathan Rice’s debut album. So why have you heard of him? Well he’s had airtime on shows like Fox’s The OC, The WB’s Smallville and One Tree Hilland HBO’s Six Feet Under. So why should we care? Because he has songs that resemble those of classic Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, or The Clash. Quite a feat for someone who is barely legal.

Trouble is Real gets even better. It has folk ballads, pop influences, and even some punk inspired rock. Johnathan Rice has it all. It is a CD you can let sit on repeat and not get sick of because of the eclectic styles. And no one can accuse Johnathan Rice that his music all sounds the same.

Not only can he sing, and not only does he have talent that shines in multiple genres, but Rice can write amazing songs as well. But this isn’t the everyday stuff you’ll hear getting too much play on the radio. It is better than that. And I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg with Johnathan Rice, seeing as it is his debut and he is still so young.

I think I will join the likes of Snow Patrol and REM and become a big fan. Check out Johnathan Rice’s website for more information about this talented singer-songwriter.

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