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John Mudd Announces World’s First Real Estate Web Log

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Florida real estate is what I eat, sleep and breathe, but I also keep track of national real estate trends and share this information with others. How?

I recently created Inside Real Estate Journal, the first-ever web log fully dedicated to residential and commercial real estate, and industries that have an effect on real estate, such as the mortgage loan industry.

Go there to get all your real estate news, as well as to fulfill all your home and commercial property buying and selling needs. Click here to sample some recent posts.

You can also read my new Inside Real Estate Update column in Florida’s Downtown’r by clicking here.

If you have any immediate real estate questions, please e-mail me now.

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  • What’s the deal with this post? Everytime I check out the stats for my blog, this particular post comes up every time.

    It even shows up as current 6-7-03 at daypop.

  • Honestly, I suspect that John Mudd, after posting an entirely self-serving post here (not that there is anything wrong with that, in moderation), then submitted this page directly to Daypop as a blog so that the score for his own blog would be inflated.

    It is possible that he also reloads this page to increase traffic, then follows external links to other blogs from this page in order to get this page to show up on their referrers and in the Daypop stats.

    Of course, it could also be someone completely different who happens to be engaging in all of these activities in a way that coincidentally promotes John Mudd, but that is mildly unlikely.

    Clever, John, if my theory is true, you’ve managed to generate a bit of interest using standard tools. Cool. Me, I’m too lazy to promote my own site, but very clever of you.

  • The link was placed in Google and pinged once in Weblogs.com, but my other websites, http://www.HomeInTampaBay.com and http://www.insiderealestatejournal.blogspot.com are pinged regularly, plus, they are in Google. I would say the combination, along with the regular promotion of Blogcritics by its webmaster, have caused this particular post to rank so high.

    If that little bit of Internet promotion can get this post promoted so well, alone, imagine what I can do to promote a listing of your property for sale, if you opt for the media marketing plus option when you list your property for sale with me, or publicize your property purchase to the world, to help publicize you, your work and events!

    John Mudd
    EXIT Realty Suncoast
    Direct: 727-403-8376

  • Frankly, I’d feel a lot better about your promotion ability if it was “in moderation”. And after poking around a bit*, I’m not sure it is. After starting well a couple of posts per month last year, your next post (this one) came after a four month hiatus and has not been followed in the almost three months since. One might almost develop the feeling that you were reaching out and attempting to plug your real estate business using every possible resource available to you, depending on the good will of other not to cut you off.

    That kind of behavior might also cause people not to necessarily believe your story of your innocence.

    However, I do. I suspect the issue is one with daypop’s code getting confused. I see no reason but to assume the best of intentions, and so while I urge you to contribute actual Blogcritics-related posts here to Blogcritics, I also wish you well in real estate. These are tough times and any effort that helps you make like work, I support.

    Just please don’t push too much harder. You’re probably on a pretty thin line for a lot of people who aren’t so generous about self-promotion on group websites.

    * This exercise revealed a slight bug in my code for tracking comments. Since John uses different URLs in different comments, you have to use three different searches to find them all right now, though they’re just listed as “4 comments” on the author page.

  • No one said anything about innocence. I did what I said I did as far as promotion goes. I also plugged my real estate practice in a comments post a long time ago here on Blogcritics. I don’t use Daypop, nor have I ever, nor do I plan to. The only self promotion post I posted on Blogcritics was about my real estate blog, and that was when it originally launched, months ago, so I find it a little odd that it’s an issue now. My blog is a real estate blog because real estate is my life.

    As far as posting to Blogcritics goes, I haven’t had time to contribute, but I don’t hear my real estate clients complaining, either.

    I’ll contribute when time permits, but what I write will probably be real estate related, instead of the pop-culture related, but that will only draw a new audience to Blogcritics. I’m sure there will be critics out there who say that whatever I write is self-promotion, and everyone has a right to their opinion.

    If anyone has any complaints, comments, concerns or something nice to say about my marketing or promotion methods, or anything I write, for that matter, please e-mail me at john@johnmudd.com. I don’t appreciate being flamed over a simple misunderstanding. Thank you.

    John Mudd
    EXIT Realty Suncoast
    Direct: 727-403-8376

  • Eric Olsen

    I am very confused by this entire thread. If this was posted in March, why did it come up again now? Did Brian see it in Daypop? I don’t have a problem with Blogcritics promoting their own sites here, that’s part of the (very) small payment they get for contributing, but I agree it looks a bit untoward if that’s ALL that is contributed.

    Sell those houses, John.

  • Will do, Eric, plus, I’ll start posting more soon on real estate and real estate related stuff I come across. Sorry for the long hiatus. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

    John Mudd
    EXIT Realty Suncoast
    Direct: 727-403-8376

  • Kudos to John. I started a real-estate blog at http://real-estate-properties.com/ (Location Location Location), my blog does not market real-estate, rather, it samples real-estate related topics from brokers, academics, magazines, professional journals, and other ecclectic sources … so stop by, and if you think its useful, add it to your blog links.

  • Eric & Phil,

    I don’t quite get this, and I make no accusations at all. I’m just confused is all.

    It’s still happening.

    Check out this Technorati Anywhere result for my personal blog.

    Look how many times John Mudd’s posts come up. Why is this? Again, I don’t mind or anything (although someone trying to research my blog might mistakenly come to the understanding that I have in interest in real estate or real estate has an interest in me). It just doesn’t make sense to me–of all the writing I have here on Blogcritics, why does this real estate stuff come up?

    I made no comments on that July 3 “Commercial Investment Properties” post. Why would Technorati choose that over the hundreds of other pages here on Blogcritics that have my name in the Blogroll?

  • I’m not going to even pretend to understand the intricacies of pings and daypop and such what, but if it drives me more traffic back at Culpepper, I’m all for it. More precious, precious traffic for ME!! Gimme!

  • There’s certainly nothing wrong with plugging your own real estate web log. I have one too! Tyler, Texas is a very hot spot right now for those wishing to cash out from expensive places and move to some gorgeous location like Tyler and buy a more beautiful piece of property than you had, and bank most of the money!

    John Martin

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    It would be nice if someone who knew the late John Mudd would post something about him so that there would be something of substance on the link “John Mudd, RIP”

  • Ann Arbor area’s real estate buying specialist shows smart buyers like you how to find the best home, negotiate the best price, and save on loans and costs!

  • Monica

    Ruvy in Jerusalem, I knew John, I was the administrator at Exit Realty Suncoast. John had a different view of Real Estate than most did. He was one of a kind, for sure. I always wondered if his blogs would ever really take off and he would actually earn a living selling property. I think he was ahead of his time.