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John Mark Karr’s Family Secures Movie and Book Deals to Raise Money for an Attorney

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The book and film rights to the story of JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr have been secured according to Karr family representative, Larry Garrison. The family has offered the sale of the rights in order to raise money to pay for an attorney for Karr.

Karr was willingly extradited to Colorado for a hearing that would charge him with first-degree murder. The hearing was brief, lasting a little over two minutes, and it has been reported that Karr showed little emotion other than to close his eyes briefly when the first-degree murder count was mentioned.

The family had decided to sell the rights in order to help defend Karr who they claim is innocent. An attorney who had formerly represented Karr’s brother, Nate Karr, revealed the family had found a picture from Christmas, 1996. This made it nearly impossible, according to them, for John Mark Karr to have been present during the murder of JonBenet on December 26, 1996.

John Mark Karr is currently represented by a public defender and the family will be getting a high-profile defense attorney with the money from the sale of the movie and book rights. No amount has been disclosed, but apparently, it is enough to also help pay for Karr’s two boys to attend college.

The family, according to Larry Garrison, a filmmaker and actor, is not looking to profit. They just want to make sure John Mark Karr receives a fair trial with good representation.

As of now, the Boulder, Colorado prosecutor’s office has not reveal what evidence they have against Karr which has led to his arrest. There has also been no information on whether DNA samples found at the crime scene and DNA supplied by John Mark Karr actually match.

Karr has said he was present when JonBenet died and that her death was accidental. He has also been misrepresented by the press, according to attorney Jamie Harmon, who will be advising Karr legally. Harmon expressed doubt that Karr was, as the media portrayed him, mentally instable and just doing this for attention.

Karr’s former wife, Quientana Ray, was recently on Good Morning America. On the ABC morning show, she had spoken of marriage to Karr at the tender age of thirteen. According to Ray, Karr was a controlling husband. She admits he drugged her and things happened to her that was beyond her control.

Ray's parents have stated that they have found letters Karr wrote to Quientana that were signed in the same method as the ransom note left at the Ramsey’s house, S.B.T.C. It is said that S.B.T.C. means “Shall be the Conqueror.”

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  • I write about predators like Karr and others of his ilk in two of my several books. What Karr and other predators need is described in “Let No Man Be My Albatross” and “FATA! The Act of the Avengeance.” In both cases the predator gets to meet up with the fathers of the victims.

    Nick Borelli

  • When I was growing up, most of us boys where raised by single mothers, bitter towards men, and we went to a school full of female teachers who were often also bitter about men. We had sisters who always agreed that men were bad. Every man has been forced to watch Life Time and learn how men are rapist uncaring savage brutes. All the magazine articles taught us that only women could care.

    One day I realized I wasn’t a rapist, dead beat father uncaring brute and I stopped feeling guilty about it and decided I wouldn’t let anybody treat me as such.

    But I imagine there were a few of us like John Mark Karr who never realized and always believed he was one of those bad men that so many women are bitter about. Still, I think he went a little overboard – makes you wonder, “how many people are really guilty of crimes serving time and how many real criminals disguised as normal people are walking the streets.

    Once again I wonder, why do I live in a world were innocent children are bombed while criminal soldiers hide safely in bunkers and drunk drivers kill sober people?

  • Hi John Mark Karr I love you so much I miss you I wish that you were here so I can talk to you and know what I like the way you talk and move I been watching you I know I made a promise to my sister but I love you and I wish I can see you in Real life Please.