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John Grisham- The King of Torts

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People who have read Grisham’s books know that his book’s endings are unpredictable. Most writers you know that at the end of the book that boy gets girl, person strikes it rich, quest is ended, and so on. That’s the books are. People need to read “feel good” stories with satisfying endings.

Previous John Grisham books do have good endings, but about a third of them don’t. In some of his stories, the young lawyer wins the big trial. In others, he doesn’t. You can’t tell when reading the book which it will be until the end.

Because of that I had no clue which direction this book would go until the end. The King of Torts follows the story of a young lawyer (like most of Grisham’s books) who has been floundering in the system helping the unhelpable street criminals. He loses his rich girlfriend because of his poor status. Then someone comes along and changes all of that. With the guidance of an inside source, he becomes a successful and rich tort lawyer.

He flaunts his riches like everyone in the business. He buys a vaccation house and his own airplane. His close friends tell him to stop spending money. To slow down and take it easy.

Several unwise business moves send his firm spiraling finacially and publically. So he has to file for bankrupcy and crawls away from the business barely a year after it started up so wonderfully.

An interesting read, it’s a modern day parable about the destruction of money and greed. To the reader, he remains innocent through the whole book. Even seeing the things he does, he appears like a kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Innocent.


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