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John Garang, Sudan’s Vice President, dies

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John Garang who went from his quiet home in southern Sudan, to quelling a rebellion, earned a doctorate, became a rebel, and eventually gained the second most powerful position in his nation has died. This brings ups several very interesting points if you assume this was not an accident (I’m undecided).

  • How did his flight crash? I can think of a half dozen rather plausible ways to make it look like an accident. The list of people that could benefit from Garangs departure is probably longer than my arms.
  • Will this restart the civil war? There has already been rioting in which dozens were killed and injured.
  • Who will succeed Garang? And is this the start of the central governments attempts to purge the former rebels, or simply an attempt to rob them of leadership so that the southern region doesn’t rally around Garang and go independent in a few years?

Hopefully all these questions and more will be answered soon.

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  • Quite sad – reminds one of the Rwandan president’s death 10 or so years ago under similar circumstances.

    Suggest a more descriptive headline – will fix

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    Is Sudaness people going to regain or harvest the graden that GARANG grow?
    What was GARANG doing in UNGADA at that time, who was with him?
    How long he been away from Sudan, since he left the city? Did the flight late from UNGADA? did someone , from both side called about the delate or not showing on time of flight.


    Who was a pilot ?where was an air-plane from? Who were in the plane with JOHN GARANG? how bad was the weather? How long its takes to discover how bad goin to be: five hrs or one hrs or one week like in Amerca here! for my feedback call me at [Deleted. It’s not a good idea to post personal contact co-ordinates here. Comments Editor]
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    This the good way to contact with updated news from Africa, how they leaders feel about condition there in Africa. Do they think that the deadly crisis will be there foreever. for example at the time of civil war in Amerca, and now there is big differnt, because they leaders were thinking of future