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Joey’s Loss, Underoath, Yellowcake, and Thomas Simon WalkAbout

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One day this past week my mailbox was stuffed with FIVE padded envelopes. Well, here’s four of them reviewed.

  • Yellowcake – Since You Ruined The Earth The insert shows a doll of President George W. Bush in military garb with a helicopter burning in the background. Song titles include America, You Need a New President, You Met With Energy, and Give It To The Rich. Studio polished, this sounds like old Porno For Pyros with a tinge of… 90’s guitar rock? Distortion, singing, and a steady drum track throughout. Think Nine Inch Nails with, of course, a big time anti-W. Bush angle. Not sure how many minds this might change, or how many anti-W. Bush folks might be interested in a collection of prog-rockish tunes with lines like, “Give it to the rich, give it to the right.”
  • Thomas Simon WalkAbout – Soundtrack Ummm… interesting field recordings, with loads of background noises, percussion, and clever instrumentation but nothing that really catches my fancy for too long. If you need something for long drives or study music, this is pretty good, and of course, for a movie soundtrack that’s it’s job, right? To blend into the background?
  • Joey’s Loss – Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men Excellent layout and design. Good post-hardcore sound without getting too sappy or too angry. Bravo to the song, Thoughts of Indian Removal, and the well thought-out lyrics throughout.
  • Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Saftey So this release isn’t like the older Underoath albums. Aren’t you glad you aren’t either? Imagine if you worked the same job, ate the same meals, and took the same college courses for four years straight. Blah. Cut these guys a break. Anthem like, good ole rock, quiet breakdowns that build back up (that’s called dynamics, kids), and sparse use of the often overused chugga-chugga speed bumps. A good screamy album that your girlfriend might even enjoy.
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    • mariah

      i love this band!!! there the best!

    • aubrey

      Underoath is the Best f’in band Ever! I Love Them!