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Joe Morton is an American actor born in 1947 in the city of New York, New York. He is known for roles in such works as Terminator 2 and the television show E-Ring starring Benjamin Bratt, as well as documentaries like The American Experience. Astute viewers will remember Morton when he took on the part of Gary H. Wright, a U.S. Senator who planned on running for President in the hit series House M.D. While Dr. House suspected Senator Wright had contracted AIDS, the details did not exactly match up as intended.

Morton is perhaps best known as part of the regular cast of Eureka, a science fiction television series. He plays Dr. Henry Deacon, a former NASA engineer who helps local law enforcement with their cases. Currently, he is also serving out his first term as mayor. This show is popular with fans, enough so that blogs and online posts are constantly being written about it. Since it runs only in the summer, viewers eagerly anticipate its return after the spring finales of shows which started back in the fall.

Morton's work has led to guest star appearances on other shows which need an established actor to draw in viewers.

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