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Joe Gibbs Resigns – Now What?

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It always seems like it’s one step forward and two steps back for the Washington Redskins. With the departure of Joe Gibbs today, there is only one thing left to say:

"Dan Snyder, please sell this team!"

If you are the loyal Redskins fan that you profess to be, Mr. Snyder, you must know that all the attributes that make you a brilliant businessman are the same qualities that are driving this football team down. If you truly love this team and you are a true fan, sell it so there is at least a chance that the Redskins will have a chance to return to the top tier of professional football.

Think about it. All you really wanted was a warm seat on the 50-yard line. I’m sure you can negotiate this with the next owner. You’re a good negotiator, I’ve heard. The way you sign those free agents about 12 minutes after midnight when the free agency signing period begins for twice the going rate is the stuff of legend.

I am not a fantasy football nut, but I’m guessing if you put the Redskins into a weekly fantasy calculation, you probably would lose to Ed in Gaithersburg and footballnut222. I mean, really, think about it; you probably couldn’t win a fantasy football pool, much less a Lombardi trophy.

"But Rick, the Washington Redskins are the most valuable sports franchise in the world…"

I know. It’s a great accomplishment, being able to sell the Washington Redskins in the DC area. It takes a real genius. In fact, what’s harder; trying to get Tom Hanks to take matches on the island in Castaway or selling the Redskins brand in Washington, DC?

Vinny Cerrato as Wilson? Dan, I’m hearing remake.

So where do the Redskins go from here? Does it really matter?

No it doesn’t. Since Snyder bought the team, the team has been going nowhere, and it will continue to be a nowhere team until Dan Snyder either relinquishes control or sells the team outright. The hardest thing someone can do when they have a strong ego and then fail is to give it to someone who might succeed.

And who might that be? Norv Turner’s doing okay after a shaky start in San Diego. Maybe we can get Steve Spurrier back. Toss that one around a little bit.

Marty Schottenheimer? Nope. Too much of a strong personality for Dan. Been there, done that.

Ditto for Bill Cowher and Brian Billick. All are available, but I don’t think they would get along with Wilson, er, Vinny Cerrato.

Heck, I saw Terry Robiskie watching his son play in the college title game last night. He looks like he’s rested and ready.

Was Joe Gibbs the answer? Nope. But the Redskins would’ve never needed to go get Joe if this dysfunctional organization had cleaned up its act years ago. It probably could have won with Norv.

Sell, Dan, please. A real fan would.

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