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Joan Jett: Tonight Show Appearance, New Album and Free Song Download

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Eighties rock legend Joan Jett is back in action with a new album titled "Sinner." I listened to the two tracks from the new album that are available on her myspace page and was impressed. Both "ACDC" and "Change The World" have the classic Joan Jett sound but both are more contemporary in styling and content. She is still the same punky chick with an attitude who did so much to break the stereotype maleness of the Punk genera. I don't think she has lost any of her appeal over the years and this album sounds as fresh and relevent as her first.

Interestingly enough, I just saw one of the original Blackhearts the other night at CBGB when he took the stage along with Sandra Bernhard (with obvious Jay Leno connections) to perform a song with the band Lourds. Its interesting how stuff like that works. Everything seems connected somehow.

Joan and The Blackhearts are currently on tour promoting the new album and their schedule can be seen on their myspace page. I am hoping to be able to catch them live when they perform in New York City. Joan Jett fans can get tickets here. For more information and how to get tickets the day of show, click here. As part of the promotional effort Joan will appearig on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno September 20!

Additionally, if you go to Joan's myspace page right now you can watch the video for her new song "ACDC" from the "Sinner" album and download it for free. No the song isn't about the band with that name, it seems to be more about a certain lifestyle preference…

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    The song “ACDC” is a cover of a song orignally done by (the) Sweet, IIRC, it was the B side of “Fox on the Run” Most of us probalby didn’t get the innuendo at the time.

    THanks for the review, Joan’s flirted with fame and fortune over the years, but kept true to rock ‘n’ roll. Not only that, she is one of the few rockers to play for troops in Afghanistan, and that makes here even cooler in my book.

  • Joan Jett still has it! She rocks!

  • Jim C

    Saw Joan on Jay Leno (Tonight Show) last night (I’m in Kuwait) and she just looks better than ever and sounds just as great! I saw her in Tonawanda (NY) 2 summers ago for the first time and was blown away…got to see the rehersal and she was the ultimate professional and the coolest person you’d ever want to meet. I’m an old dude, so that meant a lot! I wish her the best!