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Joan Enguita Delivers On New CD

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Artist: Joan Enguita
Title: Two Suitcases
Genre: Country-Pop-Folk
Label: Red Coyote Records
Joan Enguita Web site

Joan Enguita has put together a solid recording with Two Suitcases. Her beautiful falsetto voice is reminiscent of women vocalists that have made their mark such as Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell. Strangely enough, after I had this thought I went to her Web site and started to read her bio and found that she got her start with a guitar and a Joan Baez songbook!

With a strong stable of veterans from Nashville, Enguita puts together a memorable collection of songs; in fact, I did not hear a track that had any weaknesses. Everything about this release is top shelf grade A material.

From the lyrics, production, and musicianship to overall product that you hear coming out of your speakers, Enguita nails it down. She owns the entire package, delivered to you first class. This is traditional music in the sense that it does not have that aimed-for-the-charts gloss and fabricated sheen, this woman sings all the way from her toes to her heart on every song. You will hear everything from the Dobro to the Jew’s harp interspersed amongst the tracks. I heard a lot on this CD besides outstanding music and terrific vocals, the lyrics were exceptionally warm and heartfelt.

I can appreciate originality and an honest to goodness effort by an Indie artist. She is a smart one at that, Enguita had the record mastered by Capitol, which explains why the sound is so crisp and clean. This is as good as any country-pop that you are hearing on the radio any given day now, actually it is better than a lot of the music that is raking in the cash by the truckload. I say no more, check it out for yourself, you will see.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

May 8, 2005

01. I Need To Hear It From You (3:43)
02. Two Suitcases (3:23)
03. Kiss Me Awake (4:24)
04. Heading For Shore (3:22)
05. Time To Cry (3:31)
06. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (3:51)

07. Before It’s Begun (3:35)
08. Where’s The Time Gone (4:06)
09. You Flew (3:13)
10. America (3:26)



Pat McGrath: acoustic guitar, mandolin, classical guitar
Doug Grieves: electric guitar
James Whiting, Dennis Wage: Piano, Hammond B3
Ron De La Vega: Bass, Cello
Dave Francis: bass
Billy Thomas, Mike Caputy, Dennis Holt, Brian Fullen: Drums
Byron Holley, Joan Enguita: Percussion
Gary Morse: dobro
Travis Allen: synth
Jim Hoke: penny whistle, harmonica, Jew’s Harp, accordion
Jennie Nevin, Joan Enguita, Travis Allen, Bryon Holley, Andrea-Ross Greene: background vocals

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