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J.K. Rowling Bypasses Mainstream Reporters For Harry Potter Release

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The only news-conference for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be given to 70 cub reporters between the ages of 8 and 16 on Sunday July 17.

These lucky young journalists will hear JK Rowling read from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince just after midnight on July 16 in the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle. They will each be given a signed copy of the book and a day to read it before being able to ask Jo questions about it.

The reporters will be chosen in competitions being run by newspapers, bookshops and libraries from Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Click here to find out how to enter Bloomsbury Publishing’s competition.

I’m very jealous and wish I were 23 years younger.

I’m even more jealous of Emerson, one of the brains behind MuggleNet, and Melissa, one of the brains behind The Leaky Cauldron. They have been invited to Jo Rowling’s HOUSE to interview her about the book. They totally deserve the opportunity, they have been working on their excellent sites for a very long time. (Check out their sites to read their reactions upon receiving a phone call from Jo. I’m surprised they were able to keep breathing.)

I’m just a little jealous and wish I had started a Harry Potter blog five years ago. (Of course I hadn’t read any Harry Potter books yet and I only discovered blogging last December.)

Update: See an additional view on Rowling’s plans by a Writer in Progress.

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  • The Theory

    I’m with you Damon… I wish I was 5 years younger… oh well. I’ll be excited enoguh with the release of the new book to keep me from drowning in self pity TOO much.

  • Paige

    Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is the best book and movie yet.
    My friend’s parents have an anual cookout each year. Last year my friend Emma popped in a movie it turned out to be Harry Potter and the camber of secrets. EVERY kid there was on Emma’s parents bed watching the movie as the movie went on perents started comming up and telling us it was time to go. All the kids were so frustrated that they had to leave.We decided to force the parents to let us stay. Finnaly they said ok and we got to see the rest of the movie.
    I also got to see the movie again last night! I was so glad’ the movie and book captures your attention. Your so tallented. P.S. I’m going to become an author also.

  • Lt Col Partho Roy

    Lieutenant Colonel Partho Roy, MD
    Indian Army, India.
    [edited email]

    Dear Jo Rowling

    1. While admonishing my daughter, Kasturi (14 yrs old) for being too preoccupied with “Harry Potter”, I unwittingly started getting familiar with the lot & very honestly I being an adult on the wrong side of forty enjoyed the adult aspect of the stories more. I also had an opportunity to transport (say Apparate) myself backwards towards my own hostel days. I am therefore privy to many of the life stages in your books & slowly I am starting to understand them a bit.

    2. “Harry Potter & the Half-blood Prince” is in many ways a different book altogether. Things are getting rather difficult & possibly a little too depressing as compared to the earlier episodes. That is understandable. The concerns, aspirations and the panic in the minds of the wizarding world are very similar to that of us “muggles”. Maybe we are dealing with a Voldermort in “Osama” or “Saddam” with their special band of death eaters creating mayhem not unlike the real Voldermort. Maybe if you ask the “Al Qaida” chaps they would say, “We, the death eaters! You must be talking about Bush & his Marines”. Different perceptions, you see.

    3. But one thing does strike out. Possibly, now Draco Malfoy like Regulus (?Alphard) Black would realise that hobnobbing with Voldermort casually for some glory may not be very rewarding because Mr Voldermort’s priorities are very clear & is not susceptible to emotional niceties except hate & anger. He does not tolerate weak kneed response of Draco type when he almost faltered against Dumbledore’s tribulations.And nobody hands over his resignation to Voldermort.

    4. Possibly Mr Regulus A Black ( RAB ) realised it a rather too late (not unlike many who have joined the militatant groups world over) & knowing his ultimate fate decided to steal at least one Horcrux and wait for the chosen one to eliminate the evil. But where has he kept it , has he destroyed it. If he hasn’t, is it at the “Grimmauld Place” somewhere? Could one more Horcrux be at The ‘Gaunt’s’ house. Voldermort respected the name “Marvolo”. Answers to these questions will be known only to you, madam.(My own wild imagination)

    5. It appears nice as well as sad that Harry is most likely get help from his friends because the emergency at hand is too serious for any lackadaisical approach e.g. educational pursuits. He is most likely to get help from all the Weaselys except Percy. They have all been affected by Voldermort. Bill is one of them. Also the Lupins are also joining hands.

    6. It should be a good opportunity to wean back the Malfoy family on the right side. They are too sophisticated to risk their lives unlike the other thuggish death eaters. And now that they have known the true nature of their Dark Lord, they should listen to reason forthwith & join forces with Harry. This would be advantageous to Harry too.

    7. Mr Snape is a peculiar character. Possibly he is holding some huge grudge against Voldermort (my gut feeling) and would want to settle scores at the end. maybe he feels that through his ultimate action he would prove that he is the real “Chosen One” & not Harry who in his own words is mediocre but lucky. Whatever may be his plans, he is a murderer, he killed Dumbledore while he pleaded with him. he cannot escape his fate. can he, madam!

    8. I am looking forward to your final novel with obvious eagerness. Meanwhile an acknowledgement to this letter of mine would make our day in the bunkers.

    9. Regards & best wishes.

  • Good to hear from you, Lt. Col. Roy, where are you posted?

    If you want to mail JK Rowling, look on her website

  • sarah & Ahsen Arif

    who is R.A.B.Is he on voldemorts site or is he with us.How many more parts there are going to be.Plese we respect you a lot so send us details of 7 book.Your BIGGEST FAN.

  • Muhammed

    What are you gonna write after Harry Potter? If Harry dosen’t Die in the 7th book, i suggest you write a book called’ Harry Potter and the School of the Ministry’ or something simular. It could be written about Harry life after Hogwarts and can show how Harry becomes an auror.

  • JeZZa4eva

    hey i’ve read through all the harry potter books over and over again trying to figure out what and where are the last horocruxes,
    obviously theres nagini
    I’m not sure whgat the rest are but i think one would be hidden in the orphanidge and another in the riddle house, oh and mr smartguy, harry doesn’t become an auror because he doesn’t go back to school. DUH!

  • hijkrowlingfromhanna

    if she kills harry i’ll be pissed.
    harry cant die
    if you make him die.
    someone else can make him have a horxcrux or shit.
    you left too many gaps so they can come back.
    just dont kill him okay.
    or i’ll hunt you down.
    but ill cry.
    dont kill anyone.

  • swagata

    hi miss rowling
    happy birthday have a gud time
    i adore ur fantasy books specially the prisoner of azkaban bye
    urs faithfully swagata
    from india

  • oh my god when i’m sinking thet harry can die my heart is beating faster and i’m crying pleas don’t kill our friend don’t kill our childhood.