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J.J. Abrams Could Do So Much Better Than A Star Trek Prequel

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After months of speculation, Mission: Impossible III director J.J. Abrams has signed on to shoot the next installment of the Star Trek feature franchise, sources said late Friday.

At first I thought this was a joke, especially when I heard it months ago. Reuters being the reputable news organization it is, however, is reporting something different — we will have a prequel Trek movie. I personally don't care since it's all about the British right now and has been since 2005.

But after the last Trek series was canceled and the last movie tanked, why not just let Trek fade from memory for awhile? A few years doesn't count — it should be several more. Any attempt to bring back the series now is going to be tainted by the wounds of the recent past failures of the franchise.

It's also been said that Abrams will take over the film franchise completely. That means no Rick Berman, who has been legendarily criticized for taking Gene Roddenberry's idea into the toilet. Again, why not simply just wait?

While I debate the quality of the new Doctor Who as of late, it very much looks better than anything Trek could ever produce. For one, I find the militarization of the Trek series to be a turn-off these days thanks to real life politics. I'm much more inclined towards the freedom of the former show, which is simply one man being a reckless pain in the ass in a creaky old police box. No, I'm not asking for J.J. (the name sounds so Happy Days) to give us the American version of a BBC science fiction series — but to be inspired by it to do something new, perhaps not even Star Trek.

Considering Alias has ended and Lost may be on its way out, he might have a huge financial point to gain from being attached to such a franchise. It is in dying need of new talent and it does need new direction. However there are just so many more stories that can be told that he is missing out on merely because no one, not even him, is willing to take the proverbial risk that involves something new.

But, more power to him.

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  • Scott Butki

    Good piece.

    My question is a) why is Abrams doing this and
    b) tell me they’re not going to use the same actors as before, especially since it’s supposed to be a prequel, right?