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Jimmy Wayne Talks To Fans Via Webcast

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Jimmy Wayne, a country singer, embarked on a mission called "Meet Me Halfway" on January 1st: walk from Nashville, Tennessee to Phoenix, Arizona. I know, I know, who (other than maybe Forrest Gump) would walk 1600 miles? Jimmy, once homeless, is walking all that way to raise awareness and money to end homelessness.

His charities are HomeBase Youth Services (Phoenix), and Monroe Harding (Nashville). Both help homeless young adults. HomeBase Youth Services gives basic services to people 18-21. Facilities like HomeBase Youth Services need money to stay open. That's what Jimmy stresses to his fans. To donate to either charity, go to the "Meet Me Halfway" website.

Jimmy Wayne did his first webcast from the road on Monday, January 11th at 9AM CT. It was only about 10 minutes. Don't worry, if you missed it, you can still watch it here. In the video section, click on the tab "Watch Live." That's the video you want to watch. It seems to play best using Google Chrome, but it should work with any internet browser.

On the webcast, Jimmy thanked a lot of people. He thanked his family, the radio stations who got the word out, Marmot who provided his winter clothes and the people at the side of the roads who have supported Jimmy throughout his walk, buying him food and coffee. He says the hospitality has been amazing. He just tweeted, "I began this walk with no intentions of asking 4 help 4 myself; just support 4 MMH. I'm in awe of how many people have offered both."

Jimmy still has a long way to Phoenix. He was broadcasting from Jackson, Tennessee. He's walking in the cold; the high today was 38 degrees. Right now, he's on his way to Memphis. On the "Meet Me Halfway" website, there's a map to see where Jimmy is.

Even if he doesn't respond, Jimmy reads all the messages fans send him (via Facebook, Twitter, etc.), so keep sending messages to support him. He also promised during his webcast that he will do more webcasts randomly, so always check his website.

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