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Jimmy Eat World Set Release Date and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Jimmy Eat World set release date

Jimmy Eat World has set a release date for its upcoming album. The album is titled, Chase the Light and will be released on October 16th. Chasing the Light was recorded over the space of about a year in the band's recording in Arizona. Chasing the Light is being released on Interscope.

Arctic Monkey side project

Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys will be taking a break from the band in order to work on a side project. Turner will be headed to France with The Rascals' Miles Kane. The project is going to be produced by James Ford, who will also be playing drums. The pair are hoping to get the bulk of the recording done in two weeks. The project currently does not have a name, although it has been suggested that they may call it Turner & Kane.

Teachers demand website bans

Teachers have demanded that sites that are used to cyber-bully teachers and schoolchildren, such as YouTube and Rate My Teachers should be shut down. Teachers cite poor behavior and violence has the most common reasons for leaving the profession and have encouraged parents to do more about bad attitudes amongst children. Last year in Britain, 640 primary school children were suspended for behavior that was lewd, sexually abusive or racist. Students use websites such as YouTube to post videos and images of teachers and students being humiliated and attacked. The suggestion that the sites should be shut down was said to be a short-term solution to the problem.

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  • ugh…seriously, that story about teachers wanting to shut down Youtube and such is just ridiculous. Teachers should know better than most that the problems aren’t the “hip rappers and their bling” or the digital-blood in violent video games, but rather, they should know very well that it’s the parents that make or break these kids. Why point a scapegoat finger at something else while these brats’ parents are still making more brats? shakes head.