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Jimenez No-Hitters Happen Every 3,550 Days

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Ubaldo Jimenez / APThe first no-hitter of the year came courtesy of the Colorado Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez, who threw a six-walk, seven-strikeout gem against the Atlanta Braves for a 4-0 victory. Hooray, and stuff!

It was the first ever no-hitter by a Rockies pitcher (they were twice victims of such games, both in 1996), and the second no-hitter by someone named Jimenez since the second-most famous Jose Jimenez threw the game of his life against Randy Johnson and the Diamondbacks in 1999, exactly 3,550 days ago. It was also the best thing ever done by a guy named Ubaldo.

I looked for similarities between the Jimenez no-hitters, and they were few and far between:

• Both were done on the road.
• The second baseman batted second for the losing team (Jay Bell, Martin Prado).
• Both pitchers struck out twice when they were batting.
• (Probably the neatest one) Jeff Nelson was the first base umpire for Jose's no-no, and the third base umpire for Ubaldo's.

And that's really about it. Honestly, if you can find similarities between Jose's and Ubaldo's no-hitters, I'm all for it. I've been staring at these for upwards of 45 seconds and, like the back of a Highlights magazine, I can't find any others.

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