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Jim Tressel is a well-known and successful college football coach. He was forced to resign from his job as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2011 after allegations of NCAA rules violations in connection with the 2010 football season.

Jim Tressel grew up in Ohio where his father was a high school and college football coach. Jim himself played quarterback. After graduating from college, he began a coaching career. His first head coaching job was at Youngstown State University, which was then in the Ohio Valley Conference. Tressel was successful at Youngstown State, winning several national championships in his division.

Tressel was hired as the head coach at Division I Ohio State in 2001 following the dismissal of John Cooper, under whom the football program had languished. Tressel promised good results, particularly against Ohio State’s rival, the University of Michigan. He lived up to his promise, delivering several national championships and an undefeated season in 2002. At Ohio State, Tressel was known for his composure on the sidelines and with the media.

Tressel was suspended and fined by Ohio State in the spring of 2011 after several Ohio State players were implicated in NCAA rules violations involving trading memorabilia for free tattoos. Tressel was found to have covered up his players’ misdeeds and lied about them to investigators. After the NCAA report condemning Tressel’s action, the university called for his resignation.

As the head coach of a national football program, Jim Tressel was the subject of many blogs, including Fire J Tressel, and Jim Tressel’s Head. Many Ohio State fans expressed sadness at his departure under tainted circumstances.

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