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Jim Mora, Jr Should Be Fired

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Jim Mora, Jr. has made an ass out of himself and has shown us all a big reason as to why the Falcons are floundering this year. 

In a radio interview Mora made it abundantly clear that he would leave the Falcons – or any other job he held – at any time to take the head coaching job at the University of Washington.  He went so far to say that he would leave Atlanta for the Huskies job even if he was preparing the Falcons to play in the Super Bowl. 

The Falcons have floundered and underachieved all season perhaps – in part – because Mora's heart isn't in Atlanta, but in Seattle…and there's no reason to think that this job is even available.  Mora has offered up the de rigeur mea culpa; he was kidding, he didn't realize he sounded so serious, he didn't think people would take him seriously, etc. 

But if you listen to the interview or read the transcript of the original interview conducted with two Seattle radio hosts, you'd be hard pressed to pick up on any tone of "kidding."

Mora picked a really bad time to pull this nonsense, as the Falcons are fighting for their playoff lives and can't afford to have any kind of distractions.  The team has played poorly all season and now he's forever tainted himself by being this stupid, for if the Falcons don't make the playoffs people can now say that it's because Mora didn't have his eye on the prize. 

Forget about blaming Michael Vick as being a coach killer, if the Falcon's don't make the playoffs – playoffs! – Mora will have done the job on himself.

Usually it's players who say really stupid things. Imagine the furor if Vick had made these kinds of comments. That would be bad enough, but when the head coach gives the clear impression that he'd go elsewhere it's catastrophic.

So as the NFL season winds down it will kind of be fun to keep track of the Falcons fortunes against the Cowboys tonight, Carolina on Christmas Eve and the Eagles on New Year's Eve.  The Falcons still have a great shot at making the postseason, but if they play poorly – or even play tough but lose – over these last 3 weeks of the season, Mora's ticket will be punched. 

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