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JFK: Reloaded, or happy thoughts are here … and here and over here

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In a brillant coup of tasteless and crass marketing, there’s a computer game called JFK: Reloaded out today – the 41st anniversary of the asassination of JFK.

Reloaded see, cause that’s, like cool, and stuff. The dealio. The release was meant for the 40th but there were technical difficulties – such as getting over the gag factor and that pesky sense of decency thing.

The “game?” You get three shots to do it the same as or better than Oswald, Lee Harvey. Sounds simple? It’s cunningly and teasingly, not.

But don’t fret, the game makers say they have the upmost respect for the man.


I think they needed to draw on that inspired inner strength to have carefully designed the animations, the graphics to make sure the blood spatters where juuuust right. To make sure the brain matter hit Jackie O in historically, not to mention in anatomically correct places. To get the exact right pitch of her sobs and screams and John Connally’s wretching pain as the bullet ate through his leg.

PS. Bill Hicks says: “By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. Thank you, thank you. Just a little thought. I’m just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they’ll take root, I don’t know. You try. You do what you can. Kill yourselves. Seriously though, if you are, do. No really, there’s no rationalisation for what you do, and you are Satan’s little helpers, OK? Kill yourselves, seriously. You’re the ruiner of all things good. Seriously, no, this is not a joke. “There’s gonna be a joke coming…” There’s no fucking joke coming, you are Satan’s spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourselves, it’s the only way to save your fucking soul. Kill yourself.”

PPS. Saxon has the most haunting song about the asassination that ‘ve heard. I’ll have it downloadable at my site sometime tomorrow.

Dallas. 1 p.m.

Down on main street the scene was set
They check out the fuel turn the radio on
Open the gates, assemble the gun
Wait at the red, for the president’s run

The world was shocked that fateful day
A young man’s lot was blown away, away

Dallas 1 p.m., 1 p.m.

Right and left in the back of the head
Screaming confusion, shots rip the air
Cadillac racing, cops on the run
They couldn’t believe the president’s hit

The shooting stunned as I seemed to run
Is he dead, no-one will say
Around the world the news was flashed
We sat and watched your tragic history

The world was shocked
In Dallas 1 p.m.
We sat and watched
Tragic history

The world was shocked
In Dallas 1 p.m.

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  • Rusk

    A song about JFK’s death is okay then?

    How about a book? What about an irracurate fact-stripped movie?

    Please tell me where I draw the line, so I can adjust my moral fibre till it’s “perfect” like yours.

  • If you think this is at all about moral fibre – well that’s stupid.

    The song is respectful, no?

    I haven’t seen the movie – and by all accounts it wanted to rewrite history – but I do know its whole purpose wasn’t to put its viewers on the trigger.

    Here’s the line to draw. Have a fucking point otherwise you are a souless whore in it for the cash. Comment c’est va?