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I know nothing about jewelry. But I’m willing to learn!

I remember back in 10th grade, I was so clueless that I wore a silver necklace (or “chain”) with a gold cross. I thought this was the coolest thing, until some fat chick I wasn’t even friends with told me it was “tacky.” That was the last day I wore that particular combination of accessories…(I was sensitive!)

I will now describe, in some detail, four pieces of jewelry that I, or someone close to me, has purchased recently. I expect (hope?) someone with a modicum of knowledge in this area to respond, and let me know what a reasonable price for such a piece would be. Then, I will let everyone know whether I, or someone close to me, was screwed.

1 – A 14k gold ring with a large rectangular piece of jade, new. I don’t know where the jade is from (Asia or Latin America), but it is more dark-green than light-green. For a man.

2 – A 14k gold bracelet, used (Pawn Shop). Figaro style. 9 inches around. About 8 MM thick. Almost mint. For a man.

3 – A 14k gold necklace, new. Figaro style. 24 inches around. About 4 inches thick. For a man.

4 – A watch, by Elgin. Silver and gold band (almost certainly not genuine). Bought new. Face glows in the dark. Seconds hand does not move slowly, but ticks. For a man.

Can anyone help me find out what a decent price to pay for these items would have been? I am VERY curious…

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